Gentiles are not Jews



That ought to be a fairly easy argument — self-evident, even.

“It’s a sin to eat a cheeseburger, therefore Christians who eat cheese burgers should celebrate same-sex marriage.”

That is actually a paraphrase of what someone posted on my Facebook wall.

How does one answer that? Answering it would be a red herring designed to distract from the main topic, so I’m just going to leave that passage in Ezekial that the person is misrepresenting and answer a broader question.

Understanding the word of God and how it affects Christian lifestyle choices really is incumbent upon a familiarity to the Bible, first and foremost.

God set aside the Jewish dietary regulations. Acts Chapter 9 takes care of the whole “It’s a sin to eat a cheeseburger” and sets it aside. God decides what is clean and what is unclean. When He gave the Levitical law, His commands were useful to…

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3 thoughts on “Gentiles are not Jews

  1. Good post, thanks for linking to it.

    We could really have some fun with this idea, “Gentiles are not Jews.” Cheeseburgers are not gay marriage. Calling people delusional is not reason. Cats are not really men. Gender is not fluid, while sexual orientation is written in stone 😉

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