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I’m extremely disappointed that senior U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf  is going to finally shut down his blog.

Actually…I didn’t even know the guy had a blog nor did I care, but it appears that his blog, “Hercules and the Umpire” was a hotbed for controversy within the reality show we like to call, “The United States Judicial System.”

Apparently, the district judge used “Hercules and the Umpire” to write about everything from his grandkids (oh the humanity!!) to his opinions on various court cases. 

He also used the blog to complain about the legislative branch of the United States government, which I personally have no problem with because well…they really aren’t doing a very good job, and he’s an American citizen and registered voter so why shouldn’t he have a voice?  

Also, he wrote an article on his blog mentioning that women attorneys need to dress more conservatively in court.  I guess it caused a big stink with female attorneys who like wearing a midriff halter top with matching miniskirt in the court room. 

Cuz after all, nothing says “justice” like displaying your pierced naval and a tramp stamp.

Anyway, on July 9th Richard Kopf said he decided to stop publishing the blog after learning that a majority of court employees at a retreat had indicated that the blog had become an embarrassment to the court.

hrrmmm…  the blog ..  ..  has become an embarrassment  .. ..  to the court?

And television shows like “Judge Judy,” “The People’s Court,”  “Hot Bench” or “Divorce Court” aren’t? 

Those shows are far more embarrassing to the court than Richard Kopf’s blog ever was because they mock the judicial system to it’s core. 

But let’s not stop there.  How about judges that rule not based on LAW as it’s written, but rather on precedent, feelings or opinion?

That’s not only an embarrassment to the court, it’s a travesty to the entire judicial system.  

And while we’re still chewing the cud, I’d really like to know who paid for the “retreat” these court employees were on?   Was it tax dollars?   And if so, who approved this? 

Shouldn’t they have been doing something judicial?  Like maybe… oh …here’s an idea… DOING THEIR JOBS!?!?  Afterall, they ARE federal employees whoif I’m not mistakenare paid with federal tax dollars.

Many of you might think this is okay because according to the blog the retreat was all about “honesty in the workplace”…however…as a previous government employee, all “retreats” are under extreme scrutiny and usually frowned upon by auditors who don’t normally take lightly to the use of tax dollars being wasted. 

Not to mention, having federal court employees attend a retreat that has to do with “honesty in the workplace” seems like an oxymoron and a pathetic lie at best.        

So, to those pathetic federal employees who think that a little blog created by an opinionated district court judge is embarrassing to the court, they might want to look up the word embarrassment because even though they keep using the word, I’m pretty sure they don’t know what it means. 

Pathetic is as pathetic does. 



8 thoughts on “Court Room

  1. Have you ever noticed that the male side of Kopf’s wife’s family, never gets mentioned ? ( full of Various talented Lawyers and Doctors)

    We dislike him intently, based upon personal experiences and long before there was a Hercules Blog. We have no contact with him…and his ego. By choice.

    It’s also because we know what an idiot, moron, and the narcissistic trappings, this guy really embodies. Also, his selective hearing. His opportunistic and VERY selective hearing.
    Most folks just call ’em Liars and narcissists.
    Years of therapy have not made a dent in this clod’s skull.

    He wrote about his MIL & FIL awhile back. He was wrong on so many, many things.
    He pretends to know, what he he cannot even comprehend. (See, Therapy)
    Part of the Pathology.

    A Simple example, Florence, (his mother in law) and her family spell their name “Garrard”, and have proudly done so since about 1783. ( In America). It was never misspelled in my family. We were proud of our Southern Cousins and family.
    John Gerrard is an aspiring younger fellow Federal Judge in the same District. A freudian “slip?” Hmmm.

    The list of corrections would be too terribly long to post here.
    A forensic Psychiatrist would only need to travel back to Sandusky, Ohio and connect the dots, from Rich Sr., his mother, and to the present. It would be a Classic dissection.

    So many things he wrote about John Wagoner, were wrong, misleading, and with ill-intent.
    His father in law, an honest, genial, humorous, and forgiving man, … would be compelled to spit in his face, if he could.

    Boy, he sure took you folks for a ride.
    Now he is trying to play martyr, and blame this “Hercules shut-down” on Laurie Smith Camp, Chief Judge, and others, including his fellow Federal workers –who have finally figured him out, and have fingered him.

    Just like he did my folks.
    My gag reflex is, at last, triggered.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. This guy is completely pathological. He is as devious as some of the criminals appearing before him.

    If you still want to believe and follow this ass,…I have land in Florida for sale, …!

    Good Luck.

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    • Oh…noo…….lol…

      You misunderstood, I don’t follow him. My post was purely in jest and sarcasm. I think the guy’s a loon. I didn’t make that very clear, did I?

      I’m sorry I misrepresented myself there. lol. But thanks for your comment…it was quite amusing for me. 🙂


    • No…they don’t. But if they did, I’m pretty sure that’s against federal guidelines and someone needs to do some investigating to find out what that “retreat” really was. I’m sure it was more of a seminar, but still…he called it a retreat.

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