Cow Farts


I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it, humanity is pathetic. 

And with that being said if it were not for the pathetic of the internetwebs, those of us who don’t fall in line with the pathetic cattle called ‘humanity’, wouldn’t know just how many pathetic bovine actually exist. 

At last count I think it was somewhere in the billionsgive or take a few thousandand I’ve based that number on a calculated guess of many mathematical errors after reading the comments of numerous online articles.

For example, take this recent article about the Earth Heading for a Mini-Ice age in just 15 years then read some of the comments associated with the article.

Some of you after reading the article and comments will think that the big fiery ball of light in the sky has nothing to do with climate change and that solar climate and earth’s climate have nothing to do with one another.

Others of you, who actually possess a thread of common sense, will understand that the solar rays from that big fiery ball of light in the sky does actually contribute to the overall well-being of this planet and has more influence on the climate than a cow passing gas while blogging on their cell phone during rush-hour traffic.

The reality of the matter is that too many pathetic little bovine want to think they have more power over this earth than they really do.

Humanity is a small, tiny little creature on this planet and we’re only here for 80 to 100 yearsIFyou happen to be blessed to live that long.

Quite honestly, no human or group of humans can ever destroy this planet.  

Sure, the feeble-minded who like to boast of their intelligence will tell you that it’s possible, but the truth is that we can only make it a very uncomfortable place to live…but it’s impossible to destroy this planet.    

So…when I read comments like these: 

“man can influence the weather and we should NOT continue to destroy the only planet we have to live on,”

I tend to laugh out loud because these comments come from the bovine who haven’t considered the following…

IF what science says is true, that the earth has existed for hundreds of billions of years…and man has only been on the earth for a few hundred million years…and man has been mining and burning minerals and fossil fuels (coal) for hundreds of thousands of years…then why hasn’t the earth been destroyed yet?

The arguments of fearenvironmentalists don’t hold water to common sense and logic.

The common sense and logic that this planet was here long before they were and it’ll be here long after they’re gone. 

Humanity is just a small spec on the landscape and not even visible in a snapshot of Earth from space…


Therefore, if you consider how many nuclear bombs have been detonated, how many chemicals have been spilled into the water, how many wars have been fought and how often humanity has attempted to eradicate itself and other species from this planet or how many fossil fuels have been used over the course of time; you can get a better idea of just how little impact our role is on this planet in keeping it around.  

“Ohhhh…you are so wrong!!  If we don’t do something now our children’s children’s children’s children won’t have a planet to live on!  We have to save the planet for the children!!  and the polar bears!! 

OOHHHH!!!!   the Polar Bears!!!” 

To which I respond with a hearty laugh and the following statement:  Pathetic nonsense!” 

It’s not our responsibility to “save” the Earth…This earth can’t be saved from it’s ultimate fate, however, it is the responsibility of humanity to do what we can to keep it a pleasant place to live.  That much we can agree on.

It’s pathetic that humanity thinks they have more power over the fate of the earth than they really do.



13 thoughts on “Cow Farts

  1. “It is the responsibility of humanity to do what we can to keep it a pleasant place to live.” That’s actually all those concerned about climate change are interested in discharging. They don’t think it’s going to like blow up the earth like a death star, or even make it such that nothing can live there. They’re just concerned about the harmful effects of it on those who live on the planet now. That’s it. If you actually looked at what they said (and didn’t deliberately try to interpret them as saying something wrong and stupid, just because they’re saying something that doesn’t make you feel warm in your tummy) you’d realize that.


  2. Don’t forget that the life of the universe and our planet is about 4.5 billion years and massive destructive events will happen to the earth over such a long time. The earthlings have only inhabited this planet estimated at 200,000 years so a massive major natural disaster has not been given enough time to get here yet.


    • thanks for the reblog…but in reply to your comment…the only way to “slow down the process” of what fearenvironmentalists believe to be “man-made climate change” would mean that humans would have to blot out that big fiery ball of light in the sky and that ain’t happening any time soon. Eliminate the Sun and it’s solar rays, climate will change really, really quickly. 🙂


  3. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks we’re simply not bright/stupid/powerful/powerless/awesome/idiotic enough to destroy the world… (though, like you, I think “destroy” and “render extremely unpleasant for most forms of life as we understand them” are two different categories in my book)

    The part that gets me most is that, as noted, the sun has a large impact on things, and it’s getting on in years and just might not be doing the job the same way it used to, which is frequently ignored. The other little piece of data that these folks also miss – perhaps deliberately – is that there seems to be evidence of a cycle at play; things heat up – way up – then things freeze, continents do a bit of the hokey pokey, things stabilize at a “normal” temperature and weather system for a little while (“little” being a few million years, according to most estimates), rinse, repeat.

    Thinking about that makes me wonder if the protoforms of dinosaurs and pterosaurs were going around blaming whatever the pre-Jurassic equivalent of a cow was for that terrible global warming thing, right before the T-Rexes started stomping around in their 90-130 degree jungle saunas… or if the velociraptors started complaining about industrial triceratops pollution blocking out the sun and the ultraraptor’s top secret atomic experiments bringing on nuclear winter just before everything froze and they became chickens. This amuses me.

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    • I love this and I wish I had thought of it while writing my post.
      The whole idea of each species of extinct creatures complaining to or blaming the other for the horrible conditions to the earth’s climate is quite possibly the best example of a humor piece I’ve ever read. You really should write something with that as the basis.

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  4. Ha! Good point. I’m always puzzled, if we are in fact all powerful and also so exceedingly stupid, that we are capable of destroying the Earth, then wouldn’t that speak to the fact that we have a Divine Creator who has sustained us and kept us going longer then we are capable of doing ourselves? If we have allegedly evolved and progressed, dominated the entire planet to the point of now facing near extinction, well, so much for survival of the fittest, progress, and evolution. We seem to have figured out how to evolve backwards. Naturally this is all the fault of cow farts.

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  5. “Oh the polar bears!” Lol! I’ve often said today’s environmental movement is a cult religion and quite dangerous really because at the heart of it is a deep dislike (distrust?) of man.

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