When We Lose Touch With Agriculture

Raised in a Barn

Recently there has been a post going around on Facebook of how farmers are rapist. The picture has a bull mounted and farmers collecting the semen with a bunch of degrading and negative comments. Comments like “Dairy farmers kill baby calves, that’s how they get their milk.” I can promise anyone who believes that, that is highly wrong. Bottle calves are going for about $700, if you think a farmer would dig a hole and throw a calf in there then you are officially crazy! Farmers take better care of their animals than they do their selves. They put all of their money, time, and hard work out there so you can eat at night.

When I first seen this, my initial reaction was to get mad. I hate seeing so many hardworking people get treated awful because some guy behind his computer shared a picture and it got shared…

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One thought on “When We Lose Touch With Agriculture

Herd Mooings

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