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I don’t watch the smut-dramas on television.  Mostly because I don’t care for the fake, frauds and put-on’s that television producers have shoved into the lives of the naive who actually think that crap is real.  

The soap operas and the “reality” shows can be thrown to the trash heap and I wouldn’t care one bit.  Except for College Football and Major League Baseball.  Those “reality” shows can make for some really intense and awesome nights in front of the television, and yes…sports are a type of reality show, but the other shows can be removed from the airwaves.  

Big Brother, Survivor, which is just a knockoff of Gilligan’s Island without Thurston Howell the Third, “Real” (a very loose definition of the term) Housewives, Daytime talk shows and of course the bachelor and bachelorette (a show which is really a ploy by television producers to promote the spread of STD’s) are just stupid.

Personally, I don’t understand how people can sit and watch a show with a group of cattle who are all trying to lie, cheat and steal their way into the lives of other people.  There’s a little honesty, but even that is a lie wrapped up in a lie to only cover another lie that was told to conceal the first lie.   

See what the producers have done?   

Yeah…I didn’t think so.  

And speaking of the bachelorette, it appears from the cover of some tabloid magazine (that I happened to catch a glimpse of while standing in line at the supermarket) and the news feeds all across the internets this morning that contestant “zero” revealed she had intercourse with one of the test subjects.  

I have to admit, I snickered a little after reading an article about it because I firmly believe that contestant zero has had sex with ALL of the test subjects at some point on that show.  But the pathetic thing is that since the show is losing viewers, the publicists and producers have to do whatever they can to get the viewers back, so instead of changing the format or making the show more believable, they instead, have contestant “zero” or one of the test subjects admit to the real purpose “behind” the show.  …  A-hem… No pun intended of course.  

The strange thing about this is that contestant “zero” admitted her indiscretion on live television to one of the other test subjects while drunk off her keester and when asked by the test subject if she regretted it, her reply was, “I felt guilt. I didn’t expect it to happen,” she explains. “When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it might do to our relationship.”

Soooo…does that mean having casual sex with someone while you’re trying to woo other potential suitors can have an impact on those potential relationships?!?!  

Is that what I’m hearing?  

Okay…maybe not.  The show is all about spreading STD’s to as many test subjects as possible so I’m thinking that it’s more about how much contestant “zero” can lie, cheat and steal their way into the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting test subjects.  

I guess what I’m getting at here is the basic fundamental truth that morality is hard when you’re living in a world that doesn’t know how to live by a set of morals and keeps changing the rules to make their immorality look like morality when it’s really not morality at all.  

You cattle really know how to make this world a very confusing and difficult place to live.

That said, it’s a very pathetic world we live in.  




6 thoughts on “Reality Agenda

  1. I’ve always had an ever increasing hatred towards reality shows and you justified my choice completely. The next time someone asks me about it, I’ll direct them to this post.
    Thank you!

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  2. Ah yes, the clowns are running the asylum. It really is pathetic. Men on TV are often portrayed as buffoons, slightly stupid children. But look at shows like the Bachlorette and consider how women are being portrayed, immoral, dumber than a box of rocks, possessing no natural affection. The scary part is that people grow up being force fed these two stereotypes about men and women for some 20 years of their life ……and then attempt to go out and have relationships with each other.

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    • Exactly, IB…and to elaborate on your comment…

      and those attempts at relationships are flawed with illusions of grandeur, wealth and happiness. All wrapped up in a lie that makes those who are force fed this crap think that everything the world offers will somehow bring them romance and love.

      It’s such a sad world we live in that people don’t see how much they have been duped by television, advertisements, radio and cinema.

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