Search Terms


I was going through the list of search terms that have led more and more cattle to this pathetic piece of pasture on the interwebs and noticed a couple that made me actually laugh out loud, so I figured I’d share them.

“guy humps udders”

I really don’t know why someone would search for that on the internets, but they did and there it is.  Oddly enough, it led them to my blog.  

“how to stop being an unforgiving”

This made me laugh because it’s not complete.  “how to stop being an unforgivingggggg…”    Dope?  Dimwiddle?  Moron?  Pathetic waste of flesh? … what?  I guess it was meant to be a fill-in-blank search term, so go ahead and insert your own word at the end.


I suppose a blog about pathetic farm animals should have some relation to a mouse, after all, farms have field mice and there’s mice that live in the barn, but I don’t recall ever writing about a mouse, so I’m not sure why this search term would lead someone to my blog.

“pathetically annoying means”

If someone has the answer, please let me know.   I’ve been trying to figure that out for years.

“how to get rid of whiny or pathetic people”

Again, if someone knows how to get rid of whiny or pathetic people, I’d very much like to know.  It seems that a lot of people — other than myself — are searching for the answer to that problem. 

Too bad this little slice of rantings on the web-o-sphere doesn’t provide an answer or solution to their dilemma.  

“grumpy poems for kids”

This was my personal favorite.  I laughed pretty hard when I read that because it sounds like a great blog title!  Come to think of it, that would be a great theme for my next Poetry Challenge.  Any of you up for writing pathetic grumpy poems for kids? 

I thought so. 

I’ll work on the details. 

Pathetic search terms are pathetic.


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