Time Travel, John Kerry Calls in “The big guns”


In other news…

Being unable to work out an agreement with the Iranian government over their nuclear capabilities Secretary of State, John Kerry, decided to call in what he refers to as, “the big guns.” 

From what reliable sources have told us, it appears that the Secretary of State made a call to an unnamed military official to implement a top-secret government project only known as: “Founding Fathers“. 

Unknown to our sources, it appears this top-secret government project has been in the works since the late 1940’s at a secret military location known as Area 51. 

Sources tell me that this project will give the United States government access to some of the best critical thinkers in all of U.S. history, but its main purpose is to be used as a means of bringing the past into the present.  In layman’s terms: it’s a form of time travel.

If you think that sounds ridiculous, you’re not alone. 

This reporter also thought the very same thing, until this recent picture was snapped at a summit meeting between the U.S. and Iranian governments, which clearly shows a very stunned Secretary of State seated next to, what appears to be, a very real Benjamin Franklin. 

John Kerry

When Mr. Kerry was asked about whether or not “the big guns” were in fact some of the original founding fathers of the United States of America, Mr. Kerry only stated that he had no comment at this time but would be willing to talk more about the U.S. Iranian nuclear deliberations.  The ultimate goal of those deliberations involving Iran and the U.S., Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia is a deal that would crimp Tehran’s capacity to make nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

However, speaking on condition of anonymity, a high-level representative from France known only to our sources as “Ada” said that since a deal could not be reached by the proposed deadline, a former United States diplomat was brought in to “ease some tensions and bring a new perspective on matters.”  

Both sides recognize that there is leeway to extend to July 9. 

As part of an agreement with the U.S. Congress, lawmakers then have 30 days to review the deal before suspending congressional sanctions. 


9 thoughts on “Time Travel, John Kerry Calls in “The big guns”

  1. “The ultimate goal of those deliberations involving Iran and the U.S., Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia is a deal that would crimp Tehran’s capacity to make nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.”

    What? have you become a cow, mooing away about Iran and its alleged desire to make nuclear weapons?!

    Fact: Iran has signed the NPT (non proliferation [of nuclear weapons] treaty), whereas, the USA and Israel have not and, Iran has a religious policy that does not believe it’s moral nor legal to make weapons of mass destruction – which nuclear bombs are.

    Enough already! Iran does not want any nuclear weapons and, will never make any nor try and purchase any.

    It’s all a red-herring to mask the real goal: put a phony stooge in power that the multinationals can work with to pilfer Iran’s resources.


  2. Clever post! And oh how I wish our Founding Fathers were even remotely involved with our government today. John Kerry heading up anything leaves me feeling uneasy. Not that it’s anything important, just a nuclear Iran, nothing to be concerned with….

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    • Tricia, you and I are clearly on the same page.

      I’m pretty certain that the “talks” between Iran and John Kerry are just a ploy by the current administration to make it look like they care whether or not Iran has the bomb.
      The fear of a nuclear Iran leaves me with a very uneasy feeling…almost the same feeling I get when I think of North Korea now having nuclear capabilities.

      The only thing that brings comfort is that God has everything under control and makes it very clear in the scriptures that He will always come to the defense of His people. 🙂

      Keep praying. and thank you for the comments.

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      • Yeah, it leaves me very uneasy as well and I think you are right these talks are a sham. The disturbing thing to really ponder is why but I can’t let myself go there yet. Yup, God is certainly in complete and all will work for the good of those that love him. 🙂

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        • the “why” is obvious to me. This administration has done nothing for the betterment of society as a whole. Sure…they signed into law some healthcare bill that will eventually lead to other bills that will allow the government to penalize the citizens of the USA for not falling in line with the demands of the pathetic, but other than that…nothing…nada…zip…zero…zilch!

          this trophy president for the democratic party has spent more time in Hollywood, on the golf course and walking around with his nose in the air than actually leading the people of this country, and for those reasons it is evident to me that the current administration has no plans to actually sign any kind of agreement with Iran to prohibit them from getting the bomb. Instead, this whole thing is a smokescreen to the world that America actually cares.

          And quite honestly, I think the republican leadership is doing the same thing by making people think they care about what this president is doing, but really don’t. – just my opinion…for whatever it’s worth. 🙂

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