It’s high time I come after those who call or consider themselves “christians”.

I’ve had it!  

You’re all a bunch of wannbe’s.  

That’s right!!!   


I was raised in the church.  taught scripture from the time I was three.  The men and women who taught me were some of the most intelligent, kindhearted, loving people you would ever meet.  They spent hours dedicated to teaching the love of God and the message of salvation through His son, Jesus.  They served with compassion,  grace and humility and they never expected anyone to lead who wasn’t meant to lead.  Serve who wasn’t meant to serve.  Give who wasn’t meant to give. 

They lived their lives as true leaders who didn’t beg for people to stay active or dig deep in their pockets to keep the “church” functioning.  They didn’t spend hours using the pulpit for their own selfish gain.  And YES…preaching from the pulpit that you need to serve, serve, serve or give, give give is for selfish gain, the reason…because they aren’t relying on GOD to provide. 

True followers for God and Jesus will serve and give freely because that’s what they see the leaders doing so they ultimately feel led to do the same out of compassion and uhmility, but in the “church” today that’s not happening and people are leaving the churches in droves because they’re tired, worn out and emotionally spent.  

I am one of those people and God knows it because He and I have talked about it ad nauseam and before you jump to any presumptions, I don’t consider myself to be a “christian” because I’m a good person or because I went to church since I was three.  

I consider myself to be a Christian because I know that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is LORD of Lords, KING of kings and that He willingly sacrificed his His life to die for ALL mankind and that anyone and everyone who looks at Him by FAITH, the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen, would have eternal life. 

I am a Christian because I believe in GOD the Father and know beyond any doubts that He raised Jesus from the dead and that His eternal will is that ALL humanity would turn from their wicked ways and seek His face with humble hearts and when they do, He will hear them and heal their lives.  

I am a Christian because I follow Christ…not the world.

However, churches today are led by the sweet talkin’, smooth sailin’ people who think that Godliness is a means of great gain.  They aren’t content with just having a congregation of 250 – 500, instead…it’s about mega-churches filled to the rafters with people giving so much that they have nothing left to live on and serving so much that they have nothing left to live for.  

On top of that…”christians” today aren’t really true Christians.  They’re people who think that attending church is a great means to boost their social status in the community.  That it will somehow grant them exclusive rights to be labeled a “good person”, when the truth is that they aren’t regenerated, they aren’t a new creation in Jesus Christ and they aren’t true followers of the One who they claim to know.  

A true Christian prays without ceasing…

they don’t.

A true Christian abides in their Savior…

they don’t.

A true Christian dedicates their life to serving God at any and all costs and TRUSTS in Him even in the midst of adversity…

they don’t.  

Most of all…a true Christian doesn’t seek their own, but seeks to honor God through the serving of others, NOT by obligation, but by OBEDIENCE.  

they don’t. 

It’s pathetic how many of you are being led to slaughter and not to the sheering booth.


I was raised in the church from an early age and have seen the decay from the inside.  The beginning of the end was when preachers started preaching messages from the pulpit that the congregations weren’t giving enough…weren’t serving enough…weren’t sacrificing enough.  That’s when people started thinking that their Godliness was somehow connected to their works.

I have news for you all…  IT’S NOT!!  

Godliness is a means of great gain, but only when accompanied with contentment.   Not something the “church” leaders have these days.  

Gotta have more…gotta get more…gotta be bigger…gotta do more…

it’s never enough to just show up as a group of people and honor and praise God.  To just let Him grow the church…to let HIM be the giver…to let go of every encumbrance and let God be GOD!  

It’s pathetic of “church” leaders to think that they are in control.  It’s pathetic of them to think they can manipulate the children of God into fulfilling their wishes and desires.  

It’s pathetic how very few true GODLY leaders we have leading our churches today.

Say what you will…comment as you like…

but I caution you, before you do…take a long, hard look at your life and your “church”…take inventory of what a GODLY leader really is based on scripture…NOT your own selfish desires…but those of GOD…and then pray over what I have said here…and seek God’s instructions…

I’m sure that you’ll be surprised how long it takes for God to respond, but trust me…He will respond and you aren’t gonna like His reply.  No one ever does.  

My next post is about how today’s “christians” are leading many to unbelief…stay tuned, cause I ain’t finished…



53 thoughts on ““Christians”

    • I thought of emailing you again last week because I saw a woman running in jeans…

      at least they looked like jeans.
      Maybe they were those fake stretchy pants that resemble jeans, but are really spandex type material that isn’t really denim.

      I don’t know…either way, they looked like jeans and I thought of you.

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  1. Really looking forward to your next post. I’m a Christian as well, and have pretty similar views about the church and how much church leaders truly represent Christianity

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  2. I should clarify..it was the Wounded Warrior Project (not Wounded Warrior Fund) that gives so little to the folks they are supposed to serve. Ha..think about the Clinton Foundation. That’s another one that got revealed recently. They spent oodles on travel and personal “expenses.” Disgusting…

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  3. Naturally, I have many thoughts but one that I want to share, is that I understand just what you’re talking about. I actually don’t give money to my church any more and I don’t give money to charities any more either. When I found out that the Wounded Warrior Fund gave less than 20% to the people the charity was set up to benefit, I stopped donating. Red Cross is like that too and many, many others. I prayed about that and came to the decision that it was my responsibility to give “person to person” if that’s what I wanted to do. I realized I couldn’t and shouldn’t farm out my giving to someone else. That’s how I came up with Words For Warriors. I collected appreciation letters, put them in a book, then published it and I hand it out to VA hospitals, clinics and give copies to veterans I run into. It’s much more satisfying. It’s direct from me to the veterans I hand it to. All the money I put into my project is put there by me so there’s no funny business with funds. That’s the way I understood how to give. Heart to heart…no middle man.

    I try to do that in other ways too. I won’t donate money to a food bank but I might bring them cans of beans, for instance. No cash.

    I have to admit I was weak the other day. I gave a few bucks to a large charity….because the two guys who asked me were Army veterans!

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  4. As an atheist and I read your words with a wry smile. This is because if you got rid of these wannabes and fake Christians from your churches I expect your number would decrease by half at least.

    The people who throw their money at TV evangelists, faith healers and money hungry preachers in these huge multi-million dollar churches appear to enjoy the entertainment value and actually believe everything they are told by these con artists.

    It is ironic from my perspective because they have not only been indoctrinated to have faith that there is a God they have also been indoctrinated to have faith in these idiots fleecing money from their pockets. On top of that they probably believe they are doing what good Christians do.

    You must also realise the social demographic has changed along with the rest of the world. The traditionalist religious diehards such as yourselves are slowly being outnumbered each generation as you die and the businesses minded are obviously moving in.

    Young people are less likely to be indoctrinated as toddlers these days at Sunday schools or home and the ones that choose religion will listen to a religious rock band or listen to a guy preaching with green hair while doing summersaults but a traditional honest down to earth church environment I doubt will get them through the doors anymore.

    These church businesses are so wealthy and prominent with the massive buildings, their public profile and the lavish life styles of the con men it is the main reason so many tax payers are wanting the government to start taxing the religious organisations.

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  5. In Nehemiah revival is directly related to the reading and understanding of the Scriptures. I believe the visible church is in such terrible straits because it has left off the Word of God and embraced instead the word of fallen man and this has been happening for centuries. But in these last days the attack on the Word of God through the proliferation of the modern versions based upon spurious manuscripts relied upon by unregenerate scholars has ushered in a tsunami wave of apostasy that has obliterated the work of God and extinguished His Holy Spirit fire from the visible church leaving in its wake the skeleton of nominal Christianity populated by the unredeemed. God bless us.

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    • What English translation do you regard as “non-spurious”? Are the manuscripts relied on for recent translations more or less accurate than those relied on for earlier translations, including King James? (I ask that question because my understanding has been that we have older manuscripts available to us now – or at least fragments of older manuscripts – than were available to, say, the King James Scholars. Older may not necessarily mean more authentic, but it would indicate that less time had passed between those manuscripts and the original source documents) Is the problem you identify here confined to English language translations or does it extend to translations in other modern languages? Are there any extant manuscripts, either in Greek or Hebrew, that we can regard as authoritative, particularly given that intact manuscripts for the New Testament and the Old Testament date, at the earliest some centuries after what must have been the origins of the original writings?

      I have been under the impression that differences in recent translations relate more to actual translation problems in earlier works and efforts to reflect more accurately current English diction and usage, than to available manuscripts, although both play a role. Are there any

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  6. Having been in a church with strict rules I learned that being Christian is your personal relationship with God not following a set of rules that you think make you a good/better Christian. God just wants a spiritual relationship with you. He knows you are not perfect

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  7. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Great message here. It is a very straightforward one, and not for the tender eared. Do we need to look ourselves to see if this is us? In addition, there is a very good presentation of the Gospel message in here.

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  8. Wow!! I think we’re lucky… my husband and I go to a church where the pastor isn’t afraid to speak the truth and he lives it out himself in his real life. We’re friends with his family, so we know they are wonderful people truly trusting God and relying on Him in everything.

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  9. [It’s high time I come after those who call or consider themselves “christians”.
    I’ve had it!

    You’re all a bunch of wannbe’s.

    That’s right!!!


    I am a Christian because I follow Christ…not the world.]

    Did you call yourself a Christian but differentiate yourself from others who call or consider themselves Christians? Did you mean everyone but not you? Does that include the others that praised your rant? How do you determine who is a Christian and who is just pretending? I just want to be sure…because you don’t know me, my heart and mind and what my personal relationship is with Christ; nor do you know the services I attend. Your statement seemed quite generally blanketed and directed at everyone who calls or considers themselves Christians and attends church today. Just so as I can understand, because we know you’re not finished, that this is just you’re judgmental opinion, right?

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    • “Did you call yourself a Christian but differentiate yourself from others who call or consider themselves Christians?”

      Yes! I did.

      “Did you mean everyone but not you? Does that include the others that praised your rant?”

      I meant everyone who labels themselves a “good person” and thinks that they are a “christian” just because they did some nice thing. and Yes…it does mean others that praised my rant.

      “How do you determine that someone is a christian?”

      Let me answer that with these two passages of scripture:

      First John 4: Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world…

      Romans 10:8,9 – But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart”—that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, 9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;

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  10. I agree so much. I was raised in the Catholic church and my family approved of me choosing not to attend and after a while they stopped because they realized the same thing. My mom watched a portion of this reality show about women Preachers and she was appalled. It’s absolutely ridiculous, its like (as you say) climbing a social ladder and it makes me sick.

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  11. Bravo! What a righteous rant. I love it. Those are words that need to be spoken, indeed.

    I’m very fortunate to be connected to some very tiny churches and there is an authenticity there that is just unmistakable. I really think churches grow so big they become bureaucracy and popularity and legalism and you’re like “hello, there’s no room for Christ here!” That’s no joke, where I live we literally have a church that removed Christ’s name so everyone will feel more comfortable and another that is on the equal rights bandwagon. They literally run a non-discrimination policy in the newspaper every week so everyone knows they love people of all sexual orientations, all genders, gender questioning, transgendered, etc etc. Yeah, but nobody knows you love Christ! I call them all “-ians,” as in little somethings, but nobody really knows exactly what.

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    • thanks, IB. I’ve had this on my mind for a few weeks now, but after reading Quixie’s post yesterday…something just “clicked” and the words flowed out of me like water pouring over Niagara Falls.

      I’ve encountered the same types of churches in my area that you have in yours. It’s absolutely appalling to me as to how these churches could ever call themselves a Church if they don’t preach Christ.

      Sure, love, love love…give give give and serve serve serve can be preached from the rooftops, but the non-believers preach that everyday. Churches shouldn’t be made up of non-believers but true worshipers who long to serve God with a humble and contrite heart.

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    • I plan on it.

      Honestly, Wally, I’m so fed-up with the churches today and the crap they preach and the behaviors of the congregations. So many people are being shoved out the doors so the pews can be filled with non-believers. There isn’t room for God’s people anywhere in the church these days…matter of fact…there isn’t room for God or the Holy Spirit either. It just makes me so angry. I don’t know what you think, but I’d like to hear your opinion.

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      • Well…..I agree. I am blessed beyond measure to serve in a church that, for the most part, is a true Bible believing New Testament church. But even there, one can see many signs that things are not what they should be. In fact, it is that combined with our upcoming Revival which has prompted me to gear my morning devotional series to the very subject of Revival. The church in this country needs revival, because as you aptly pointed out, we are sometimes dead in the pews, or simply absent from the pews.

        But this really shouldn’t shock us I suppose. If you remember Our Lord had some things to say about this issue when he dispatched His letters to the seven churches of Asia. If you recall the church at Ephesus was doing many good things, but had left their first love, namely Jesus Himself.

        But the church at Laodicea was in far worse straits. They were blessed in riches and goods, and pretty much thought they were all that(that sounds familiar), but were lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. How did this make Jesus feel? Well, he wanted to vomit them up, basically.

        And lukewarm is where many our our Christians, and their churches are. Not in full apostasy or rejection of God, but not on fire either. Just there doing what they do as if what they do is the actual desired end. We have sadly become ticket punchers to a certain extent.

        It’s cool to see you so fired up, though. Because any revival has to start with us, and us only. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves.

        “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

        That was in the closing to that church at Laodicea. Many seem to think it is a reference to Jesus knocking on the door of a non believers heart, but I don’t really agree. Seems context indicates that in some of our churches He is on the outside desperately wanting to be allowed in.

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        • You touch on so many great points here…but I would like to ask you to do something…

          Do a search of the old and new testaments and find out how many times God speaks of revival in both.

          You might find the results to be interesting…because there isn’t any mention of revival in the new testament.

          It’s the Holy Spirit that leads, guides and encourages us to be followers of God and worshipers of Him…that’s more about obedience than it is revival. I’m not saying you’re incorrect about revival of God’s people…we do need that, but I believe it begins and ends with the true worshipers of God on their knees, in humility, seeking His guidance, love and education. Christ is the head of the church, but that’s the true church, not this fluff and huff that we see today.

          I love what Jesus told His disciples in the book of John, that He and the Father will make their abode with the one who loves Him…and to Love Him we must keep His commandments…that’s not something the church wants to teach today because having that kind of power living within you is a really terrifying thing, but it also brings peace. A peace that can’t be described and if we would just look at Christ we’d understand that.

          Thank you for your comment and your thoughts…we’re very much on the same page even though my reply probably doesn’t appear to read that way.


        • You actually make a valid point. I had already done that particular exercise as part of my study preparing for this series and had noted the absence of direct references to revival in the New Testament. One could make a great case that the day of Pentecost was the greatest revival in history, but that was that funny between the Testaments period. And even then, revival topically was not used. As stated, actual references to revival are exclusively in the Old Testament.

          So…I didn’t feel disagreed with at all! And even if I did..who cares LOL. I try not to become homicidal upon disagreement, pretty sure that violates the whole love my neighbor thing!

          But, the question remains….in what context will I place that absence? I don’t know yet! But many of the thoughts you have expressed will probably see the light of day as I progress through this study. So, you keep on writing and you will save me a LOT of work! Because I suspect we will find ourselves pulling in the same direction.

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