FitBit and a Motorcycle

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I have a number of friends who wear fitbit wristbands.  One of them came into work today and sat down, then exclaimed…“WOW!  I had no idea that I had walked over 36,000 miles from my house to the office this morning!”  

Turns out, they rode their motorcycle to work and while sitting at stop lights and motoring through the city streets, the vibration of the motorcycle made the Fitbit wristband vibrate as well.  So, when they arrived at work, it displayed the false results to their account.  36,000 miles of false results.  

So, if you happen to wear a fitbit wristband or another athletic/exercise tracker, be aware that your results might not be as accurate as you think.  

Especially if you’re riding a motorcycle.

Thinking your activity tracker is always accurate is pathetic.   


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