A Father’s Tale


I’d like to take this opportunity to honor and thank those fathers who never got a chance to watch their children grow up.

Those men who loved with an unselfish love by working two jobs only to earn a meager salary that barely allowed them to scrape by.  

The men who woke up before the break of dawn to head out into a cold world that punished them for their efforts.  

Men who worked the difficult, laboring jobs that most of them hated.  Jobs like coal miner, boilermaker, welder, oil rig worker.  

Those men who didn’t have it easy.  The ones who knew within every fiber of their being that they had a purpose and that purpose, was to provide for their children so they would be able to survive and carry on the legacy of their family name.  The purpose that would provide a sense of security for their children in the midst of the unknown.  

They are the men who missed school plays, recitals, sporting events and concerts.  They missed birthdays, holidays, celebrations and graduations and they did it so their children would have a safe home, a full belly and know deep down that they are loved and provided for by their father. 

Those same men did it while facing ridicule, rejection, hate, mockery, loathing and contentions; not only from the workers and laborers they faced everyday during those long, strenuous hours, but from the very families they were desperately seeking approval from.  The family they were trying to love.

Those men, who’s names are etched in the walls of history, weren’t perfect and not everything they did or said was done with the correct motives or attitude.  Matter of fact, most of their  heroic deeds have never been recorded or recognized, nor should they. 

Those men were merely human beings with a desire. 

To come home and see their children smile and hear their laughter.  To have them run down the hallway in sheer delight that dad was finally home.

The squeeze of a hand.  The embrace of a child.  Reading bedtime stories.  Playing board games.  Watching a movie while they nestled up next to dad on the couch.  All examples of how a father’s desire to be appreciated is fulfilled.

These men didn’t always make the best decisions, nor did they have a clear understanding of what being a father is all about, but they worked hard and did the best the knew how to provide for their families. 

Father’s may not show love the same way mothers do, but that’s because they weren’t made to be women…they are MEN…and men are NOT women.  

Men are fathers, and fathers – ARE – needed.   

So today I would like to wish all the FATHERS  out there a very happy Father’s day.  Your hard work and long hours, though not appreciated by your own families or work places, has not gone unnoticed. 

I encourage you to keep up the good fight, stay the straight and narrow and don’t let intimidation or fears be a road block for you to provide for your own.  

The world may tell you that father’s aren’t needed, but take the father’s from this world and humanity ceases to exist. 

Have a pathetic Father’s day. 


16 thoughts on “A Father’s Tale

  1. This is amazing and needed! I have one such husband who tirelessly brings joy through hard work to millions of other families to make thier holidays perfect but forfeits the opportunity to spend them with his own. He would be touched by this and I will share your post with his children who endlessly wait for him to come home 😊

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  2. I loved this post. You are so right, these fathers do deserve some recognition and thanks for all the hard work they put in to keep their families provided for, despite the fact that it meant them not getting to spend any time with them.

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