thy name is BRUCE JENNER…


and so is anyone else who thinks that he’s a woman.


You cattle are pathetic!



24 thoughts on “MORON

  1. I went a good four months before hearing about any of this. Then I switched over to a job where I’m interacting with more people during lunchtime and break. It was bound to happen.

    Three days ago, I clearly remember more middle-aged women than I could count passing around an iPhone, gasping, “Damn, she looks so beautiful!” I thought they were referring to the newborn baby of a girl who left work for a few months.

    No. It was Bruce Jenner.

    Being my awkward self, I commented that I call him “Bruce Jennifer.” I got the look of reproach.

    I’ll continue to watch people converse, rather than join in all the fun.

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        • I’m sure. I’ve been in my new job for four weeks and it’s quite amazing how vastly different the culture is from my previous position.
          As long as you’re enjoying it though, that’s all that matters…

          well…that, and a good hefty paycheck. 😉

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        • I’ve yet to be invigorated from this position…more settled than invigorated. The phone never rings, so that’s a major bonus to this position, but I still have a ton of things to learn and my brain is full. I didn’t know you wrote freelance. What kind of writing?

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        • Technical writing. The things you find on pharmaceutical websites, law offices, and therapists’ sites (I also write those lilac-covered brochures you find in therapists’ offices), instruction manuals, and employee policy handbooks.

          You would have never guessed. Most don’t know about my blog, and how different the writing is there…

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        • no kidding! I have always wanted to be a technical writer. Since I’ve written so many manuals in my career as it is, I always felt most stable and happy when I was writing and thought my career would head in that direction. How did you get started in that, if you don’t mind me asking?

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        • I started as a contract writer for one of those web content businesses that aren’t really selective. The pay is only one cent per word, but if you knock out assignments quickly, it adds up (3,000 words in 30 minutes = $30.00). I eventually got acclimated to writing quickly, got some business cards made, and spent several weekends walking into several businesses that were evidently new and asked if they needed a writer to make promotional content.

          I also edit book manuscripts and write reviews. It’s picking up, but I also like my day job, so I’m currently trying to balance things.

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        • that’s fantastic! sounds like you’re quite the go-getter. 😉 I have to run…but I’m looking forward to your reply to my answer about being an Almond Joy bar. 🙂

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  2. This one is hard.
    I don’t know if it’s something to be applauded about.
    Gale made a very good point about him, And I bloody can’t find the comment she left.
    I am peeved I know I saw the comments somewhere but I never could find it?
    Happens all the time. Knowing there’s comments but bloody can’t find it?
    BTW. This person is a MAN. That much I will say.

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    • not sure, but I wish someone would round them up and put them back in their kennels because it’s mighty frustrating hearing about how “courageous” these people are for dressing up for Halloween all year round.

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