How to Make Blog Traffic Skyrocket with Stumble Upon

Good advice for those wanting to increase web traffic to their blog.


Stumble Upon Can Help Increase Page Views You can still use StumbleUpon to massively increase your blog traffic.

What a shock!

Talk about bad timing!

Within days of my guest author‘s April 21 guest post on how to use StumbleUpon to increase blog traffic, WordPress discontinued its StumbleUpon social sharing button.

No one saw that one coming.  Thinking there was a technical problem, I Googled the situation.

A hue and a cry had gone out.  Bring back our StumbleUpon sharing button, WordPress users cried.

Outrage is no longer necessary.  This post will explain how to not only add your posts to StumbleUpon, but how to get boatloads of referral traffic from it.

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5 thoughts on “How to Make Blog Traffic Skyrocket with Stumble Upon

  1. Hi Lady Pink Rose,
    Thank you for your interest in my article and StumbleUpon. I realize from what you wrote on my site that time limitations are a concern for you. I actually have posts coming up on how you can “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak. There is a site called Viral Buzz Content that actually pays you in credits to Stumble people’s articles! Watch for it!
    Thanks again for your interest.

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