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I’ve been seeing the quote:  “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for” a lot lately and weeeellllll… that’s a very inaccurate quote. 

I’m not saying it’s wrong…just very inaccurate.

harbor3Truth is, ships are at their most vulnerable when they are in a stationary position in the harbor.  First, if they get attacked on open water, they can actually maneuver around and try to avoid being hit, but if they are moored in the harbor, they are at their weakest and most vulnerable to being destroyed and sunk by an enemy. 

Second, if a really bad storm blows in with a massive storm surge, the ship could become beached.  And finally, ships that aren’t moving are more prone to having barnacles and other sea creatures attach themselves to it which can cause other problems.  So basically, a ship that’s in the harbor is actually a sitting duck and at its most vulnerable.    

Pearl Harbor is a great example.  The ships in the harbor were most vulnerable to attack while the ships on open water were much safer.  Even though the ships at sea might have been attacked as well, they could have tried different maneuvers to out run their enemy and that was something a stationary ship in the harbor couldn’t do.

The pathetic point I’m trying to make here is that as long as a ship is moving in open waters it’s safer than being stationary and moored in a harbor.    

The same can be said about humans.

harbor5Spending too much time cooped up in our own little world (our harbor) we’re more likely to be attacked by the enemy.  We may feel safe and secure, but we’re vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks on our minds.   Truth is, we’re at our safest when we’re doing the good things that God desires of us by getting out and helping others (open waters).  

Sure we may get attacked in open waters as well, but if your mind and body are focused on staying active and doing the good things, the evil suggestions from the enemy don’t seem to have the same affect as being stationary and moored to the couch. 

So don’t be deceived, staying inside all day and avoiding work, people and problems isn’t the safest place to be.  It’s actually the most pathetic place you can be.   Trust me…I know from experience.

Inaccurate quotes and thinking your ship is safe in the harbor is pathetic.



19 thoughts on “Inaccurate Quote

  1. What a great message. You do seem to hit the nail on the head with your posts, don’t you? Always something different (dealing with a pathetic scenario of some sort) and always a bringing us a better perspective. Thanks.

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  2. This post fits in with my life right now. I like when things match up like that! It may seem like a shallow post to some, but this is a very deep post. No shallow waters here! Deep thoughts!

    Thanks for your variety of posts … always keeping me wanting to check out what you’ve written.

    Hope that new position is going well. My job search isn’t going so well. I keep telling myself that I’ve got 6 years (that’s when the bulk of the retirees-to-be retire) to find a job and if I don’t, then my problem(s) should be gone … perhaps to be beset with a whole new arena of challenges!

    Anyway, have a nice Memorial Weekend and keep blogging! 🙂

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  3. That’s a really good point. Even statistics pan that out, most accidents happen to us in our own homes. Like it not, most crime committed against us is by people we know and trust. So technically the most dangerous place for you to be is walled off from the rest of humanity at home, pretending you are safe. In truth the best thing we can do for ourselves is to go forth and interact with others.

    Even here when a good storm comes blowing in, many people head out to sea because all the damage is always going to be at the dock and on the beach. Often your chances are better out in the ocean where there is nothing much to crash into.

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  4. Forrest Gump didn’t leave his shrimpin’ boat in the harbor. That’s how he became a gazillionare. He was always moving and helping everyone. Although sometimes he had no clue that he was doing so. Maybe that is one reason this is such a popular movie.
    This was a good post, makes you think.

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