Everything Comes at a Price


The United States federal government passed a law a few years ago called “The Affordable Healthcare Act” and interestingly, they need to pass another bill to remove the term “affordable” because it’s really not.  

First off, the law only helps those with disabilities, children, meeting a specific age/gender and/or living on a specific income.  If you’re a male under the age of 55 who has no children, who lives on $18,000 a year or more and considered to be in good health as deemed by the government; then you are NOT eligible to receive any assistance from the government to assist with paying the overall health insurance premiums.  

If you think what I just told you is a lie and not based on factual evidence, I’d like to bring to your attention that I’m a 43 y/o male, childless and considered in good health.  I also am able to live on just a little more than $18,000 a year.  After leaving my previous job a few weeks ago I looked at the options that the united states healthcare marketplace offered and found that because of the income stated on my previously filed tax return, I was not eligible for assistance.  I would have to pay the full premium and the cheapest one I could find was around $250 a month.  Which is still cheaper than Cobra, but please…  $250 a month?  

It’s interesting that the pathetic morons in Washington never take into account that people actually have bills to pay every month and most of us are living on a budget as it is.  When figuring whether or not I need the assistance, the “healthcare marketplace” doesn’t take into consideration that I have rent and utilities every month along with groceries and a few loans I’m still paying off. 

However, if I entered in that I have two kids…wow!  the premiums dropped substantially…from $250 a month to $86 per month.  huh!?  What the…?!?!  

Soooo…let’s be clear as mud here:

If I’m a single guy, under the age of 55, no kids and healthy but lose my job, which means I lose a paycheck and my health insurance…I can’t get assistance from the government because they make the decision based on my most recent income tax return; and if that return says that I’m making too much to receive assistance, then I end up having to pay through every orifice of my being JUST to make some pathetic antfarmer in Washington happy that I have healthcare?  

How is that fair?  Not to mention…affordable?

Second, there’s a rule in the law that forces employers to track each employee’s monthly health insurance status for a new tax document.  Basically, the employers of 50 or more employees are now required to fill out a 1095 form on every employee regarding whether or not an employee is receiving “affordable” health care from the employer.  Along with that 1095 form, there is other paperwork that employers will need to track. 

They are forms that will be given to employees that are intended to help said employees answer health insurance questions on their own tax returns, especially people who qualify for tax credits because they bought insurance through the “Government Healthcare Marketplaces”.

Personally, I believe it’s yet another way for overpaid bureaucrats to stick it to hardworking Americans so that the lazy, can’t keep it in your pants because I prefer she pops them out every nine months bovine can be taken care of.  

All the data tracking that needs to be completed by employers will cost employers more and more money.  That money will come out of salary increases, bonuses and benefits that the employees would have been rewarded with for being dedicated to their jobs.  It’ll also be directly tied to price increases for the consumer because employers will have to find a way to continue making money while keeping people in jobs.  Sadly, some people may lose jobs because the employer has to be fiscally responsible and can’t afford hiring more people, so they fire someone to bring on a new employee with the skills necessary to track employees.

…but hey.  It’s ok.  We can just print more money.  What’s the harm in that!?   It’s called INFLATION.  Watch this video and you might understand the harm in printing more money –>  http://www.learnliberty.org/videos/why-not-print-more-money/  

If I recall, Mexico did that with the peso and their economy hasn’t really been all that great ever since. 

Therefore, American’s were duped into believing that the new Healthcare Bill was “affordable”, but the truth is…it’s coming at a price.   Eventually, it’ll be a price your kids won’t be able to afford. 

The laughable affordable healthcare law is pathetic!




20 thoughts on “Everything Comes at a Price

  1. You also forgot the part where they’ll shank you at the end of the year if you didn’t opt to get that “affordable” health care; if you spent any portion of the year without insurance, they nail you with a further penalty on your taxes (mine, for lacking health care for 4 months last year, was to the tune of $900 extra that I get to pay.) And, yet again, being a single male with no children drives the cost up… a young lady of my acquaintance who lacked health insurance for the same period (as we worked together at one job, then went to the same next job at the same time) was only penalized $180.

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    • Wow…that’s not pathetic, it’s ridiculous and downright unamerican! I just don’t understand how this plan is “fair” when we’re seeing just how gender-bias is it.

      Thank you for your comment. It’s stories like ours that will help those who think this was such a great plan realize that they are now confined by their government’s stupidity. We voted for the people who put this thing in place, but it doesn’t seem that they care to represent their entire tax base.

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      • Well, at the risk of starting a flame war, it honestly seems pretty American to me; hosing over whoever is the least popular or most populous group (“because reasons”) while giving a break to whichever group is considered a “minority” or is shouting the loudest at the time (with an additional side of “You don’t get to complain because you’re in the “privileged” group.”) But I digress.

        And while some folks did indeed vote for the individuals who have had fingers in this particular pie, what often gets overlooked is the number of individuals and corporations who also choose to stick their fingers in who are not elected, and have little to no contact with popular opinion or the actual results of such decisions; they’re typically the ones who come up with all the fascinating piggy back measures (such as the “marketplace,” the tax penalties if an individual was lacking insurance during the year, things like that.) If it weren’t for groups like that and their meddling, along with the asinine posturing and pointless rivalries of the party system taking the place of actual logic or concern, we’d most likely have ended up with something a little more like Canada. (“Oh, you were born here or naturalized? Here’s your insurance card.”) Yes, overly simplistic, but c’est la vie.

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  2. I didn’t realize it was based on your last year’s tax return. How does that help someone who gets laid off during the current year? And I suspect the insurance isn’t as good as what was in place while employed.

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    • None of us did. I actually thought this would be something we could build on, but truth is…I’m not sold on it anymore and I firmly believe that it needs to be removed and given a complete overhaul.


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