I’ve reached a stage in my life where I just don’t give a damn anymore. 

I know that I should, but I just don’t. 

I should care that some poor slob can’t pay their bills and needs a job to help build their confidence, but I don’t. 

I should care that taxes are being raised every day just so some jackwang in Washington can fund another stupid idea that a bunch of lazy, good-for-nothings screamed and ranted over, but I don’t.

I should care that my little community of “wannbe like everyone else” community leaders can’t come up with a unique or genuine idea to save their life, but I don’t.

I should care that an ideology of stupid non-believing blowhards seems to be scaring everyone into a panic on the other side of the world, but I don’t. 

I should care that a bunch of kids who’s parents and grandparents spoiled the hell out of them now want society to “forgive” their student loan debt even though that would be the stupidest thing we could ever do, but I don’t.

I should care that there’s a bunch of lazy, slothful people who genuinely think that living in America means that we rob from the rich to give to the poor so the poor don’t have to feel guilty about being poor, but I don’t.

I should care that a small mom-and-pop community store is now going out of business because the big, bad corporations moved in across the street and offer greater convenience and more products, but I don’t.

I should care that millions of lives have been impacted by natural disasters or warlike conflicts around the globe, but I don’t. 

I just don’t care.

And you probably think that I’m pathetic because I don’t care as much as you do; but when you consider it, caring more than you should makes you just as pathetic as me not caring because caring more than you should can give you a much higher opinion of yourself than you ought to have. 

The reason you get a higher opinion of yourself for caring too much is because you think that people who don’t care about anything aren’t as good as you are, however, the truth is…those people who don’t care, really do care but they just don’t care about the same things you care about.

Never considered that, did you? 

Of course you didn’t, because you’re too busy being judgmental of those people who don’t care about the things that you think are important.

Caring or not caring, that is pathetic.



17 thoughts on “Caring

  1. […] Now I know I’ve been missing out on the joys and wonders of WordPress, but at the same time I’ve been trying not to flub up too much at work and you know, keeping my job. That being said, I’ve learnt a tonne of stuff that I would have otherwise not learnt had I not made those mistakes. I’ve also been brought back down a little to Earth by people that don’t care. […]

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  2. I care a great deal. What I don’t care about is how people seem to believe that everything is all my fault and that I need to fix it all for them. I’m really sorry that someone now finds themselves unemployed with half a million in student loan debt. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten a degree in feminist art theory? People need to start caring about their own selves. There is enough genuine injustice in the world without people trying to invent new ways to perceive themselves as victims.

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    • I totally agree with you! it’s not my fault that a person made stupid decisions. If it is my fault they made stupid decisions, then I should be made a judge or authority over them so I can make sure they don’t do it again. 🙂 And believe me…they won’t do it again! LOL.

      Thanks for the comment, IB. 😉

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  3. It’s a little off topic but I couldn’t resist the temptation to say it.
    This post sounded like some rap battle. 😛
    All that reverberated around was the word CARE and NOT CARE. 😛

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  4. To care or not to care….that is the question…..but I think you have it figured out just right… about what you do care about because you do care about it and not because you think you should care about it or because someone else cares about it or thinks you should care about it. If you care about what you care about just because you care about it, you’ll never be pathetic.

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    • Precisely!! I’m so glad to see that many of you understand what I’ve said.

      Care about what you care about and don’t let others force you into caring about what they care about.


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  5. Or if I care about the same things as you but not for the same reason, in which case it would be better for others if I didn’t care since I am clearly wrong about what I choose to care about.

    Well said, sir!

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