New Guy


It’s been over a week since my last pathetic post, and quite honestly, that’s pathetic in and of itself, but I digress.  What I’ve discovered over the past two weeks is that by taking this new position I really enjoy not being on the help desk; but I can’t say that I’m enjoying everything about my new position.


Not yet anyway.

My new position requires me to buy computer equipment and software for our company.  It’s fairly easy and it’s absolutely nothing like working on a computer help desk where the phone rings constantly.  Truth be told, in the past ten days my phone has only rung maybe four times…two were wrong numbers; so I think you can see how vastly different this new position is from my previous one. 

However, the reason I can’t say that I’m enjoying everything about this position yet is because I haven’t completed my training and therefore, I can’t make a sound and definitive declaration of my true feelings towards what I do.

I’ve only been at this for ten days, but a couple downsides to my new position are that I don’t get to post on WordPress as much as I would like (which I’m sure many of you have noticed),  I didn’t expect to be sitting as much as I do and I didn’t expect to enter numbers into five different systems just to complete one purchase order.

Yeah…five different systems that are all separate from one another, mainly for auditing purposes, but still…five different systems!?  That’s a bit excessive and severely pathetic if you ask me…which you didn’t…but still, you need to know how I feel about it or you won’t know how I feel and that’s pathetic too.

Also, I feel like there is a greater chance for mistakes because copy/paste doesn’t always work from system to system.  There are times when I have to enter the numbers in by hand and if I’m not paying attention or get distracted for a time, I can very easily make a mistake.

So, the training is slow going, but as I stated above, I’ve only been there for ten full days.

One of the more positive aspects of the job are the guys I work with.  They have a great sense of humor and they make going to work more enjoyable than the previous group ever could.

Also, this new team acts more like a real team.  For starters, they believe in cross training, helping one another when we’re swamped, they aren’t possessive of their jobs and the most delightful thing of all…they too find Pinata, Pippi and Magic Mike to be pathetic, worthless souls.

Based on that and that alone, how can I not like these guys!?

Being the new guy is pathetic.



25 thoughts on “New Guy

  1. That does sound like alot of hassle with the 5 different systems and the potential for error, but I’m sure you and your new team members will find a way to make even the most pathetic things better. I have every confidence that once you’re through your training, you’re not going to let them stay pathetic for very much longer! Very glad to hear about the pleasant co-workers…that does make a world of difference!

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  2. Glad you have a new job! It sounds like it is getting off to a good start. Better set of coworkers will hep that training period seem like a breeze. I have one question if this is a new job why will you stlll be dealing with the old coworkers on occasion? This enquiring mind wants to know. 🙂 or maybe I am just a busy body snoop. pathetic.

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  3. Bless you!!! I know I’ll be like you soon, once my proper teacher responsibilities kick in… But hey, as long as you’re still around a bit, that’s still cool!!

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  4. Ok, well listen, you’re going to have to seek out someone pathetic at your new workplace to entertain us with!!! LOL. But I am glad that you have some great co-workers – it definitely makes a huge difference!!

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    • I’ll try to find someone else to write about, but you should know that I still get to interact with the others I left from time to time, so I’ll have a few stories to share. 🙂

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  5. Sounds pretty good to me. If you’re not slow at data entry, the 5 different systems thing will only be terrible if you can’t let go of the fact that some things are just…to use your word, “pathetic” but it is what it is. I’ve been there with purchasing, we also had 5 different systems. It wasn’t really that big of a deal until one of the key ones crashed. Then I would have to open Excel and enter everything in there until the system was fixed and manually enter everything from the spreadsheet. There was no import capability in that program and I was not allowed to attempt to modify or add code to let it. (Which is good, because programming is not my strong suit.) Those days were rough, but it was only occasional. I also had great co-workers at that job and we worked together. I miss that job all the time and am still friends with some of the people from there, even though the company closed in 2008.

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