New Job and 50’s Short Films


I haven’t been on here much in the past few days and that’s because I started a new job Monday and my focus has been on that.  When I get home, my brain is fried and I just can’t write anything, which is pathetic in and of itself.

However, I thought I would share these links with you of 1950’s short films that teach people how to be good little followers.

These are all on so if the links don’t work, just copy and paste them into your address bar.  Most are 8 min shorts but some are longer.


How to say no.

Going Steady?

Young Man’s Fancy

Snap Out of It!

Self Conscious Guy

Are you popular?

Arranging a Buffet Supper

Marriage Today

Boy With a Knife

Labor and Childbirth

I want to be a Secretary

Let’s Make a Sandwich

Easy Does It, Ladies

Is this love?


Who’s Right?

Who’s Boss?

Choosing For Happiness

How to Spot a Communist

Hipsters & Your young adult: A deadly Combination




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