Following the “Experts”


A few years ago in my little po-dunk town here in the upper northern plains, we had a group of “experts” who approached our city council and demanded that funds be allocated to a city project in such disarray that if neglected, would cause the city more headaches and financial problems in future years than they cared to cope with. 

The project was named:  “100-year Flood Plan” and the “experts” did a bang up job of informing the city council that a certain area of the city in which I live, would experience massive flooding if their “projections” were accurate.  

The “experts” brought their trusty slide shows and a few randomly generated computer simulations of what they believed MIGHT happen if the 100-year flood plan wasn’t enacted, and quite honestly, it looked really, really good.  As a general citizen, I did happen to view the presentation online and was thoroughly impressed with their efforts, but I wasn’t sold. 

I wasn’t sold on it for a couple of reasons.  First because our city had already undertaken a number of projects that the tax payer was funding, and with the federal and state governments already taking their hefty bite out of my pocket book, I didn’t believe that this was something our little city could afford.  And second, their computer simulations were just that…computer simulations. 

I’ve lived in this town for over 40 years and witnessed some torrential spring rains, but never had I witnessed flooding to the extent of which their computer simulations created. 

On top of that, my grandfather was an engineer and worked with other city planners and engineers to create a flood plan for our city back in the 1970’s.  That flood plan was perfectly executed to allow rain water to flow into multiple large, deep runoffs that would take it outside the city and fill basins or lakes that were man-made.  

However, the new plan didn’t allow for that, instead it just funded a group of engineers to widen ONE of the existing runoffs and coat it with concrete. 

Our little po-dunk city has grown quite a bit in the last 40 years and not creating a new runoff that would allow rain water to move in another direction outside the city, was just a pathetic mistake by these so-called “experts”. 


The city council bought what the “experts” told them and decided to approve the issue, thus allocating a few million dollars of tax payer money to the project.   

Skip ahead five years to May 6, 2015. 

That night a low pressure system moved through our pathetic little community and brought along with it a stationary front that stalled out just to the north of us.  This created the “perfect storm” and an even more “perfect test” for the “100-year flood plan”. 

We received nearly 6 inches of rain in a 12 hour period and guess what happened? 

The areas of the city that were supposed to be protected from floods…  Flooded. 

Why?  Because even though the “experts” made the ONE runoff wider, they failed to make it deeper.  Instead, they raised the bottom of it and leveled it off to make it more shallow so that…

you’re gonna love this…

So that skateboarders could use it during the summer.   How pathetic is that?!   

These same “experts”…or as I like to call them, “educated idiots”, also predicted that during our state’s last severe drought, a man-made reservoir that was so low would take 30 years to fill up again.  Their computer models proved it over and over again.  

Expert prediction:  30 years! 

Reality:  It took seven days of torrential spring rains to fill it up so much that they had to open the flood gates on the dam to let some of the water out!   LOL.  

That always makes me laugh.

So, can you see why I don’t follow these educated idiots and why I question their opinions?

Taking the opinion of an “expert” at face value and not researching their findings to be able to ask the right questions is pathetic!

actual picture from my town after flooding





10 thoughts on “Following the “Experts”

  1. This is an excellently written post and really displayed the patheticness of your town’s “experts,” but what struck me was that you said you have lived in the same town for over 40 years! That is simply unfathomable to me: this idea that someone has lived in the same city longer than I’ve been alive. I’ve lived in nearly as many cities as the amount of years I’ve been on this earth. There is a bit of an awe and envy I feel because, yes, I’ve gotten to “see the world” (or at least the country) and yet I feel like a fractured person with no roots.

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    • lol. I’m envious of you!

      I’m 43 and was born and raised in this little town I call ‘home’. But I’ve always want to live the way you have, to travel and explore, but this place I have my “roots” is what I call the vortex of hell because every time I felt like I could get out, it sucked me back in again.

      Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a horrible city, but it’s not a place where a person feels like they can grow in their career.

      Believe me, you did the right thing by getting out of your town, experiencing life and the world and most of all…you’ve probably grown way more than I ever have. 😉

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      • Aw, thanks for your kind words! Guess for me it’s less of a choice I made and more of a lifestyle I’ve always known. My first move was at 6 weeks old, my parents were in the military, and I couldn’t seem to stop moving as an adult. It’s like my own vortex. I hear people talk about not being able to leave and I think it has to do with the fact that leaping into the unknown is a substantial risk which can (and often does) lead to personal and financial sacrifice and vulnerability. It’s like the saying “better the devil I know than the devil I don’t.” Thanks for your perspective. 😊

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  2. I so much agree with your sentiment here. And as you’ve experienced in your po dunk patch of heaven there, much of our government at all levels is populated by people who so easily fall for those so called expert opinions. Funnily enough they always seem to involve gobs and gobs of tax payer money, go figure!

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