Folgers Commercial


Ladies, don’t you miss the days when making a decent cup of coffee was the only problem you ever had?



32 thoughts on “Folgers Commercial

  1. That’s hilarious! I can picture the wife then saying, “Well, honey, I was talking to all the girls at the beauty salon yesterday and. after giving them the details, they all laughed and assured me that you had the smallest dick of all of our husbands!”

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  2. So glad that was back then vs now. I would have immediately taken the “offensive” coffee and then promptly dumped the rest of it over his head. Make it your damned self, if that’s how you’re going to be. Yeah…I wouldn’t make a good 50s wife. lol

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  3. Oh. My. Gosh! This completely got under my skin. That man is a complete ass! “Honey, your coffee making SUCKS, which means that you are completely inadequate at everything else in life. And instead of telling you how I’d like you to make my coffee (or making it myself) I am going to imply that because you are lame at making coffee I will be forced to ‘taste’ my secretary’s, um, ‘coffee.’ “This commercial is asinine! ARGH!

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  4. i remember those days and even then I thought; ” Is Folgers Coffee the best that there is? ” I believe that I have at last found the best roasted coffee in the USA and it is roasted in a little town of Americus Georgia.

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    • I laughed when I saw this commercial because the husband is really mean to his wife about the bad cup of coffee. times were so much easier when we could say what we wanted and didn’t have to worry about someone screaming political correctness all the time.

      So you say you you’ve found the best roasted coffee? Is it a name brand?


      • I remember the ad (showing my age) I also remember one where the man says, “My wife, she cleans the house, takes care of the kids, makse sure my dinner is on the table, my wife i think I will keep her.”

        Actually it can be ordered on line. Coffee is roasted daily and the beans are only bought from environmentally friendly plantations who pay there pickers well. The coffee costs $11.99/pound. It is the best that i have ever enjoyed. (I write with a little authority in this since I lived in WA state for 13 years and the Puget Sound for 5). The roaster is called “Cafe Compesino”.

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