Confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.  It’s positivity with or without reinforcement.  A belief that you will succeed in the midst of unknown variables.  And sometimes, it’s just downright stupidity during the most agonizing and perilous of times.

In it’s simplest of forms confidence is faith.

But the other day while watching a John Wayne movie, I was puzzled when I saw three straight commercials that alluded to the notion that people won’t have confidence unless they have the right apparel or figure.

The first one said I needed the correct frames for my glasses.

I don’t wear glasses, and even if I did, I don’t think the frames would really give me all that much confidence.  Unless they were the exact frames that Superman wears while masquerading as Clark Kent.  Those would give me a ton of confidence but it would be pathetic confidence because everyone knows that Clark Kent doesn’t have any super powers.

The next commercial informed me that I needed to wear the correct bra to have confidence.

support braNow that’s just plain silly.  For starters I don’t wear a bra and if I did, would an undergarment really provide the confidence I need to walk into a burning building and rescue a family of six along with their three cats, two dogs and a flock of homing pigeons?  I think not.

The third commercial informed me that I would possess a lot more confidence if I reduced my overall body weight and had a more fit and trim appearance.

Believe me, I’ve had a fit and trim body for a number of years.  I lifted weights every day for the better part of my life and a couple years ago I ran 15 – 30 miles a week.  But I’ve also struggled in the distant past with being overweight and quite honestly, I was more confident when I was overweight than I am now.

But according to the commercials I need to be a combination of Flash Gordon and the Incredible Hulk.  In other words, fast and sleek with a muscular build, and that just seems like an oxymoron.

flash1So, if I listen to television commercials based on those three criteria alone, I’d have to wear glasses like Clark Kent, have the physique like the Incredible Hulk, run like Flash Gordon and wear a bra that gives me the added support a regular bra doesn’t to finally obtain the confidence I need to get out of bed in the morning.

How Pathetic is that?

Truth is none of us need any of that stuff to have confidence.  All we need are a few successes in life. 

It’s about taking a chance and not looking back when and if you fail, but seeing the rewards at the end and keeping a clear focus on what you desire to obtain.  It’s about perseverance through adversity.  Being able to gather all your strength and believing that even if you do fail, you’ll be still be alive to give it one more try.  

It’s amazing how a cheering section and just one or two victories in life can boost our self confidence even when things look bleak and formidable.

Television commercials give a false or misleading idea of what confidence really is.  It’s a con, and that’s just pathetic. 

However, it can’t hurt to have a pair of those Clark Kent frames.



25 thoughts on “CON-fidence

  1. But you can’t fleece confident people out of their money! Ergo ads need to make us feel shit about ourselves. The worst ones are the ones that PRETEND to be building us up, when actually they’re still saying our skin’s not smooth enough. Urgh. Pathetic.

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  2. Amen. Stupid commercials, always making us doubt ourselves.

    P.S. I’m really glad you can feel confident without wearing the right kind of bra. That says a lot about you. LOL!!!

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