Rejection Letter


Last week I applied for a Systems Specialist position that I was clearly OVER qualified for. 

The job description was vague and had little detail about the actual job itself, so I figured since I’ve had just about every job in the world of computers and technology, I would be a shoe-in to get an interview.

This morning I received the following message in my email:

“We regret to inform you that your application for Information Systems Specialist is no longer being considered because you did not meet the minimum qualifications as advertised.”

Say What? 

I didn’t meet the ‘MINIMUM’ qualifications?


From what I read in the job description (that was severely lacking any actual descriptive words) all it would take to meet the “minimum qualifications” is a job application with the correct spelling of your first and last name. 

Not that it really matters, but I wonder if this person who sent me the rejection email actually took the full minute and a half to peruse my application that took me over an hour to complete?   It may have been automated, but still…how did I not meet the Minimum qualifications?  I’m pretty sure I spelled my first and last name correctly.

I suppose the silver lining is that if they don’t think I’m qualified for the job, then it’s not a good fit for either of us.

Rejection Letter Number one was clearly pathetic!



30 thoughts on “Rejection Letter

  1. I just wrote a post today that includes mostly hysterectomy fat ab complaints BUT there is a section on one cause of my stress: WORK (surprise surprise) that I think might give you a smile and at least know that you’re not the only person in the universe who has to exist with less than stellar co-workers.

    Just for you … and you can skip all the hormone stuff cause I know you’re a guy! 😉

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  2. Hey, at least the shitheads replied right away and didn’t keep you hanging. They probably hired some internal suckass, but had to post the job “externally” to meet legal criteria. I don’t know where the eff you live, but Austin, TX has lots of tech jobs … not that I’m encouraging you to move here because we don’t need any added bozos to increase the traffic jam. Just sayin’.

    Anyway, looking for a new job myself and had to perform like a mutha f*cker during the “peer interview” for a PART TIME job w/ out dental or medical bennies … oh well, there goes my teeth if I do get the job. Hang in there Han Solo … you’ll get something. I already know you’re smarter and more interesting than the average bear! 🙂

    Hugs … from one job-seeker to another!

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      • You’re only a bozo IF you move to Austin increasing our traffic … unless of course, you’re planning on walking or bicycling to work! Oh, and at least I called you a *potential* bozo and NOT a BOOZO! 😉

        Yeah, applying for jobs … it’s a job in itself!

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  3. I hate those automated letters. What’s worse are the ones that try and sound all cheery and thankful that you graced their presence before saying that you suck.

    Good riddance, now there is room in your life for something bigger and better to enter. 🙂

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  4. I’m sorry. Rejection really stinks, even when you realize it may be for the best because there’s just something all wrong with those people 😉

    It is really difficult, but I try to think of it as having dodged a bullet. Makes it less miserable. Also, you feel more like Batman constantly dodging the bad guys.

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