Brisket Dry Rub


In one of my previous posts I mentioned that Spring is the twitterpation season, but let’s not forget that Spring isn’t only about twitterpation.  It’s also about pulling out that dusty grill or smoker, buying a new tank of gas, a bag of charcoal and a bag of wood pellets only to begin the season of grilling and smoking sumptuous meats and other foods that we secretly dream of during the long, cold winter months. 

Today I would like to share a dry rub recipe with you all that I made for smoking a brisket. 

The following recipe should cover all sides of a  3 lb,  4 lb or 5 lb. Brisket.

3 tbls.  Brown Sugar

2 tbls.  Spanish Paprika

2 tbls.  Salt

1 tbls.  Black Pepper

1 tbls.  Chili Powder

1 tbls.   Garlic Powder

1 tbls.  Onion Powder

1 tbls.  Weber Smokey Mesquite seasoning rub <- Click the text for the website

1 tbls.  Mustard Powder

Mix it all together in a medium sized bowl, and apply it to all sides of the brisket 24 hours before putting it in the smoker.  Also, here’s an added tip… After I apply the rub to the brisket, I’ll inject it with beef broth and then wrap it in foil and leave it in the refrigerator.    

Usually a half a can of beef broth works great.  You can use more, but I don’t recommend it.  

Finally, if you’re looking for a great website for other rub recipes or you just want to learn more about using a smoker or grilling meats try   It’s a great resource.   


There’s nothing pathetic about smoking a brisket…and if it done correctly, it’s ohhhh sooo delicious!   




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