May I Quote You? (part 2)


2015 is turning out to be a goldmine for pathetic quotes.  It’ll be difficult choosing the top ten in December. 

Below are a few more comments that I read from the article about the riots in Baltimore. 

Personally, I really believe people are born with a pathetic gene.  I mean, how else do you explain these comments?  
















And my personal favorite…


I know I shouldn’t make light of this issue, but sometimes people need something to laugh at in the midst of suffering. 

My prayers are with all of you who live in and around Baltimore. 

Hang on and rest in God…He can make this tragedy work out for good, we just don’t know how because we don’t think like He does. 

The pathetic is only for a short time, and in the words of my Urologist . . .

Just like a minor kidney stone, this too shall pass.


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