May I Quote You?


I was watching the evening news and our local station cut to a feed from Baltimore, Maryland.  Normally I don’t pay much attention to the local or national media, mainly because I can’t stand the bias mundane rhetoric they spew into the world. 

However, this evening it caught my attention when I heard the television reporter in Baltimore, Maryland say….(and I quote)

“An active gang member here in Baltimore JUST told me that looters and rioters are giving them a bad name.” 


Related to this topic, earlier today I was reading comments that were made on a piece of journalistic writing and stumbled upon this:


Nothing like a good riot to bring out the pathetic best in humanity.



10 thoughts on “May I Quote You?

  1. Uhg. It’s really sad because the people have the moral upper hand in many of these incidents, right up until the rioting starts. The majority of the country is opposed to cops abusing their power, so you got the moral upper hand, you have the law on your side, you have the people on your side…..but you toss it all away when you behave like this!

    One thing I really enjoy about the news is that it’s always so far away from me. Of course, that’s also why I avoid watching the local news. 😉

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    • yes. I agree. It’s a very sad situation and they do have the upper hand, in most cases. It pains me to think about all the people who are affected by this. So many lives impacted by a few unruly hoodlums.

      Where is it you live? I wanna move there because it sounds like it’s just far enough away from the rest of the world. 😉 lol

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      • It was earlier in the day, around 7 pm, this older woman in a pink shirt was preaching the truth. I mean, she is saying that this isn’t the way to justice or equality, it only makes them look bad, and half the people looting and robbing aren’t from Baltimore. It made me realize, people treated it as a party and a bonfire (that’s what it looks like on the news now) rather than the peaceful protest that should be displayed if they feel so strongly about the injustice.

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