Pathetic Poetry Challenge 8 of 8


Our eighth submission for the pathetic poetry challenge comes to us from Abby over at…

I’m sorry!


I’m mistaken.  Abby isn’t the author, she’s the dog.  JANE…Jane…is the author over at 50statecanuck.  <— click here to go to her site. 

I always forget that the blog isn’t about Abby…it’s about Jane.


Take a few minutes to visit her blog page.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her posts as much as I do!  Especially the posts about Abby. 

The struggle is real.
And we’re ready to squeal.
Stop holding out on us with Pinata updates (and making us wait)
And just give us THE DEAL!!!




4 thoughts on “Pathetic Poetry Challenge 8 of 8

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