Science Expatheticment 2 – Ice Sheets


A comment was made on my last science expatheticment post that it would only work with “floating ice” but the majority of ice we have on earth is in the form of “ice-sheets” and therefore the expatheticment wouldn’t work. 

They would be correct, BUT!  This begs the question, if the ice sheets melt, would they really increase the water levels of the ocean and flood many coastal regions? 

Truth be told, … No.  They won’t.  

The jack-wangs who promote this garbage want people to believe that it will because the wealthy elitists who fund the pathetic scientists only want reports based on the assumption and estimations that extreme factors are ALWAYS in play.  But for the oceans to rise to the levels reported, those very extreme conditions would have to remain constant for a very long time.

Let me explain by using the Loch Ness in Scotland as an example… (sorry, no science experiment this time around.)

Let’s assume that during the winter months Nessy decides to leave the Loch Ness and move to happier hunting grounds in deeper waters.  After she leaves, Loch Ness happens to freeze over with one solid layer of ice that happens to be a sheet. 

Lock_ness1If no moisture falls over the winter months, the ice melts in the spring and the Loch doesn’t rise because the ice sheet isn’t “extra” water.   

Interestingly enough if a few snow storms blow through covering the ice sheet of Loch Ness during the winter, AND that snow layer melts along with the ice sheet, then the water level of the Loch Ness would rise because the accumulated snowfall is “extra” water added to the Loch.    

But the rise in the lake won’t last very long because the Loch has tributaries that allow for  inflow and outflow of water.  Not to mention that other weather and atmospheric conditions factor in as well, such as humidity, dew point, elevation and air temperature.

The same can be said for all areas of the world. 

For instance, in an area where the humidity and dew point is very dry and the elevation is much higher, the snow that melts around the frozen lake would run down into the lake and cause it to rise, but the “extra” water would flow out of the lake through a stream or brook.  And if the lake had no stream or brook for outflow, then evaporation comes into play and usually happens at a much quicker rate than it would in a more humid climate at lower elevations where the dew point is higher.

My point here is that the “ice sheets” that cover the majority of the earth can’t make the ocean levels rise if they melt, because they are formed from the waters in which they float; which means that even if the ice sheet melts, they aren’t considered ‘extra‘ water in the oceans they reside. 

Also, just because they are made up of fresh water doesn’t mean the water won’t or can’t blend into the oceans that are made of salt water in which they reside.

If you happen to think fresh water can’t blend into salt water oceans, consider that almost every major fresh water river flows into an ocean, furthermore, the rain that falls from the sky is fresh water but still falls into the salt water oceans around the world and seems to blend with them just fine.

So, what are the “very extreme conditions” that need to be in place for the oceans levels to rise as much as the “experts” claim?

The humidity and dew point levels of the air would have to be so extremely saturated that no “extra” moisture would be allowed to evaporate into the air.  For that to happen the entire Earth’s dew point and humidity would have to reach epic levels and remain consistent for a verylong – time.  Resulting in very extreme conditions on a massive global scale. 

In layman’s terms:  The entire earth would have to be ONE constant temperature and remain a giant greenhouse for many, MANY years with humidity and dew points remaining extremely high on everysinglecontinent.  For that to happen, the earth would have to stop tilting on its axis and the southern and northern hemispheres would have to remain equal in ALL climate conditions.

However, since the earth tilts on its axis and doesn’t show any signs that it’s going to stop, resulting in a variety of different climates at any one moment, those extreme conditions  CAN   NEVER   HAPPEN!!!!

Therefore, we still don’t have to worry about global coastal flooding because the earth is never going to reach those extreme climate conditions and it’s pathetic to believe otherwise.



23 thoughts on “Science Expatheticment 2 – Ice Sheets

        • I’m curious…how exactly did you come to those numbers…97% & 3%? Did you do any scientific research of your own? Are they random?

          Or … are those the numbers that the clamorchange people gave you and you’re just spouting what they want you to say like the good follower that you are? 😀



          There’s more. The issue really isn’t the validity of the findings but the partisan attacks (opinion from those who stand to lose lots of money from having to clean up their act) that the media treats as just as important as the peer-reviewed scientific data. I don’t expect to change your mind however, as I’ve learned that those who hold strong opinions on a subject are never swayed by fact.

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        • LOL! “the issue really isn’t the validity of the findings”

          LOL!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Did you just say that? Really???

          So it’s not about whether or not the findings are valid, true and factual…it’s about making those who don’t agree with the cult’s beliefs to fall in line or be punished. wow!!

          Also, thank you for answering my question. It’s nice to see that you’re a faithful follower. 😉


        • And thank you for completely misunderstanding what I was saying. Was that on purpose? The issue for YOU and others LIKE YOU who think for some weird reason that most of the world’s scientist are in some vast conspiracy to make us all believe in climate change, isn’t the validity of the findings, but your weird need to believe in conspiracies. But Neil DeGrasse Tyson said it best: “We live in a world where people cherry-pick their science to fulfill their own personal philosophies.”

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        • LOL! “We live in a world where people cherry-pick their science to fulfill their own personal philosophies.” — That’s exactly right…Scientists do that every day by saying, “I’m going to prove this to be true even if I have to fudge the results!” The reason they do that is because they can’t continue to do research if they don’t have funding and the best way to get funding is to tell people things that aren’t valid. The whole damn system is flawed because of the money involved!

          Honestly, it’s people like you who worship the sciences and think they are the answer to all of life’s questions that need to get a grip on reality. The reality that science is flawed because humans are flawed!

          Here’s an example…when i was growing up in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s scientists were ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the world was sliding into an ice age. They taught it in schools, they preached it from the rooftops, they had politicians clamoring about it on capitol hill…and then…the 1990’s hit. Suddenly the results changed. The temps were climbing and everyone was yelling about the greenhouse effect, global warming, and people believed their assumptions were factual.

          Truth is…only a small percentage of what they say is actually factual, the rest of it is based on assumptions and estimates that may or may not happen!
          The reason is because it’s all about money…not about facts or truth.

          Sadly, you and your kind are so caught up in the idea that scientists are NEVER wrong that you can’t see the forest for the trees. it’s people like myself who aren’t afraid to challenge people’s beliefs and help assist them to think out side the box. But like I mentioned in an earlier comment…you’re a good follower. Don’t buck the system…stay in line. Because we all know that if you fail to agree with a scientist bad things can happen. LOL…that’s just pathetic.

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        • I’m guessing you’re an anti-vaxxer too? See, the thing is people like you get so caught up in being a “rebel” LOL that you ignore what is real. There is a huge difference between political hay, that goes on daily and has forever, like you mention above and actual peer-reviewed, data-backed, scientific findings. It’s being able to discern the difference that’s key. Please don’t feel that you are insulting me by calling me a follower. All humans are followers in some form or fashion. It’s a social imperative, part of our basic make-up. Take your religious beliefs. Following something that cannot be proved at its finest. Does that mean it’s bad? No. Neither is my belief in the science that we have available to us at the moment. Thankfully, all those “rebels” like yourself who would happily keep on keeping’ on with the pollution, and razing of forests, and fracking, etc. ad nauseam are becoming a smaller and smaller minority. And here’s the real kicker. Even if climate change is not the threat that the vast majority of climate scientists think it is, cleaning up pollution, keeping our rain forests intact, not polluting our groundwater with fracking waste water etc. ad nauseam will at the very least help us to be healthier and keep our planet beautiful. I’m happy to follow that all day long.


        • Uhhh…no. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. But I’m not the guy who stands in line to get a flu shot every year. I’d rather get sick and then take it to work and share it with Pippi and Pinata! 😉 LOL!

          Also…I’m a rebel? That’s the first time anyone has ever used that word in reference to me! Thank you! I’ve always wanted to be a rebel. 😉 LOL!

          In the course of our discussion I was sincerely hoping that I didn’t offend you, I know that having a “debate” in the comments section of a blog post or internet forum can lead to many misinterpretations by both parties. And I’m relieved to hear that you weren’t offended with me calling you a follower…matter of fact…that’s the theme of my blog, so I understand that we’re all followers in some respect. Including myself. 🙂

          Speaking of respect, I have a great deal for you. The reason is because you stand firm in what you believe to be true, and you’re not afraid to have a healthy debate. And though we may not agree on much…dare I say, we do agree on the matter of taking care of this planet. Even though we’re only here for 80 or 90 years, we still need clean water, clean air and clean ground for farming; and we humans know how to make it unbearable and very uncomfortable to live on.



        • Of course there is no offense on my part. 🙂 This is your blog I’m commenting on and I wouldn’t comment on something that offended me. I find just leaving offensive things alone is the best policy. I actually like debating things with people and probably come on very strong, but I do get very tired of folks taking everything so personally. And while we are all followers of some things we are all clearly rebels on others, so take the rebel label and run with it! And yay to wanting to protect the planet! That’s the important thing no matter how we come to it.

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  1. Wow, I don’t know whether to be super impressed by how you laid this all out so it’s understandable or just tell you that your blog is a whole lot more than I ever thought it would be when I signed up to be part of the herd!

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  2. Ice is less dense, but more liquid water does not mean more water… The Earth works things out like people wouldn’t believe, but some people will believe anything. …And it’s Loch Ness with an ‘h.’

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    • haha! I wasn’t very alert when I wrote this, so I apologize for the mis-spelling…thank you for the correction! 🙂

      And yes, people will believe anything.


  3. There’s a simple illustration for this principle that you can do at home. Fill a glass with ice cubes, then pour water over them until it reaches the brim. Wait for the ice cubes to melt. The water level doesn’t change. 🙂

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