Is Kim Kardashian Turning Into a Zombie?


I’d like to start some new internet buzz and ask the question…

Is Kim Kardashian turning into a Zombie? 


This was a recent picture presumably taken of her while on vacation. 

In light of the fact that her ex-step-father, Bruce Jenner, decided to turn himself into a woman, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the mindless, attention-grabbing media trollop to reinvent herself so the cameras will once again focus on her. 

And how would one do that since she’s already released a number of sex tapes, starred in her own pathetic reality sit-com and had a kid with and married the world’s most pathetic rapper? 

Become a Zombie, of course! 

Starting a new social media buzz is pathetic.  




29 thoughts on “Is Kim Kardashian Turning Into a Zombie?

  1. Yup. Pathetic. You know what’s even more pathetic? That we watch and buy magazines to read about them.
    You know what’s even worse. I follow her Instagram feed (I say it’s for research). Super-pathetic!
    I need help. I understand if you never read my blog again 😞

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  2. I knew Jenner dude wanted to be a female for a long time! Uh oh? Can’t be calling him dude anymore? Oh, I did it again. Called him a him. Aw! Gonna stop!

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    • seriously? You really don’t know who this woman is? that’s AWESOME!!! – LOL

      She and her family had a reality show a few years ago and they made millions off of unsuspecting people who didn’t know any better than to buy their line of clothing and other crap. She actually thinks that she’s a designer…lol…then when people started to realize that she wasn’t important anymore, she released a sex tape and that created some internet hype. Now she’s married to Kanye West and they have a kid, North West. <— that's not a joke…they named their kid NORTH.

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      • I’ve heard her name, I’d have to be deaf and blind I guess not to. But other than a snippet here or there I really didn’t know WHY people were talking about her. I don’t watch regular broadcast television, avoid the news like the plague and stay far, far away from entertainment news. I’ve never understood why people think celebrities are worth gushing over. They’re people, just like us only with bigger problems in my mind. Pathetic, I know.

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