Pathetic Poetry Challenge 1 of 8

Today begins an eight-day stretch where I will be posting all the poems submitted for the pathetic poetry challenge.

I have to admit, there are some very creative people out there in the blogging world, to whom I’d like to say thank you for submitting poems because without you, this would have been a pathetic failure. 

Our first of eight submissions for the pathetic poetry challenge comes to us from Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway.  <— click here to go to her site.

Take a few minutes to visit her blog page.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her posts as much as I do!

Why did you wake me?
Can’t you see I’m sleepy!
Should’a left me… Now you’ll see…
You’ve made your worst enemy…!




5 thoughts on “Pathetic Poetry Challenge 1 of 8

  1. What! only 8 total entries! That is pathetic. I went back and looked at the original post and the reminder post for the challenge. The original had 35 likes and the reminder had 29 likes. I guess people liked the idea of a poem challege but not brave enough to enter. How pathetic.

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