Job Hunting


You never know what you don’t like to do until you’re forced to do it and then you find out that you really hate it.

One of those things for me happens to be updating my resume/filling out job applications. 

I’m finding that this is a task I wish I could pay someone to do for me because I really loathe the mundane repetition of having to retype my personal information over and over again.  It kinda reminds me of that television series Lost, where they found the hatch and had to input numbers over and over and over but they never knew why they were doing it.  

Every business that makes you fill out a job application should require the exact same information.  None of them should be different. 

What makes matters worse, is that there are some businesses that tease you into thinking you don’t have to fill out a job application because the site will take your information right off of your LinkedIn account, however, they then require you to type in your information because they firmly believe you’re lying to them and they want to “verify” that what you put on LinkedIn is true.  

But it’s a ploy. 

What they are really doing is testing you to see if your life is so pathetic that you will actually re-enter all the information that was so easily accessed from LinkedIn, just to make certain you’re willing to repeat mundane tasks…over and over and over again. They do this because they know if you’re willing to waste 3 hours of your day just to fill out a job application, then you’re willing to waste 30 years of your life doing the same mindless job without complaint. 

Personally, I think the application process should be centralized and every job search website should have to pay for the rights to view my personal information; and I don’t mean paying the centralized site that hosts it.  I mean…they should pay me just to view my resume and application data because having to enter it into multiple job applications is a job in and of itself. 

I’ve tried to simplify it by having it all in a text document and then trying to copy and paste the work history into each new job app, but what I’ve found is that every business has their own job application which requires different information, therefore, I have to try and remember stuff from ten years ago that I forgot I knew.

Filling out job applications would be so much easier if I didn’t have to fill out job applications.

Actually…filling out job applications would be so much easier if I could just lie about what I’ve done in my life, and no one would do a background check to verify it.

Job applications are pathetic.



8 thoughts on “Job Hunting

  1. What I found happened with me: I loathed the 2 hours it took to fill out the application and, afterwards, didn’t want to waste all that time with just one applications with the company (because after the initial time investment, the subsequent applications are just a few clicks). So I applied to a bunch of other random crap jobs that I didn’t even want. And, of course, those are the ones that called. Pathetic.

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  2. I believe you can hire someone else to write up your resume. Not sure I would want to pay someone for that. Keep it short and focus on the high lights of your experience. If they want an indepth resume hand them a bundle of every resume you ever wrote (that includes you kindergarden graduation cum lauda)

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    • 🙂 yeah, I looked into having someone do it for me, but realized for the money I’d be better off doing it myself. And I would love to have a resume from my kindergarten years…that would be some really pathetic work. 😉

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  3. Then when you get the job you are met with a pile of paperwork with the same blanks you’ve been filling out on every application and then some. The same information on every page. But luckily you got the job so that means I shouldn’t complain right??? Sigh.

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