Dad’s Stories


My dad was in Vietnam back in the late 60’s fighting for the United States Army. 

Over Easter he was sharing stories with our family …mostly my nephews… about his time over there and some of the situations that he and his platoon experienced. 

One of the stories that he shared was telling the story of getting shot at by a north Vietnamese soldier.  As he was standing behind a tree, the bullet whizzed by and ripped through his pants about mid-thigh.  

At first he thought one of his own guys shot him, so he turned around and asked one of his mates…“hey!  did you just shoot me?”  

His buddy replied shockingly,  “Uh…no!”  

To which my dad replied, “Are you sure you didn’t shoot me because something just ripped through my pants?”  

As the story progressed, my dad told us that his squad had run into a group of north Vietnamese soldiers and a firefight broke out.  After finishing his story without telling us what happened, my mother broke in and said…

“You know, some of those north Vietnamese soldiers are now living here in the United States.”

To which my dad replied,

“Not that one.” 


I love my dad. 


25 thoughts on “Dad’s Stories

    • 🙂 Yeah, he really is.

      The other day I was listening to him tell a story about another Vietnam war memory and would love to share it with you all, but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t do it justice. The majority of his stories are hilarious.

      I might write one up in the next couple months.

      Thanks for the input. 😉


  1. My dad was in ww2. He’s 93 years old now. He never talked about it ever. Till recently he finally talked about it to my youngest brother when he went down south to see dad.

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  2. I had a good friend who was forward recon in Vietnam. After the war I visited him and his wife. He decided to take an afternoon nap. When it was time for him to get up, the wife told me to go call him, but just stand in the doorway and holler — DO NOT TOUCH HIM. I quickly found out why – just calling from the doorway caused a violent reaction I never would have expected from my gentle friend. He had survived Vietnam, but at what cost?

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    • A lot of veterans have different reactions to the wars they faced. Each one has their own issues…this is why I can’t understand why any woman would EVER want to fight on the front lines in combat. After seeing what happens to the men who come back from battle, why in the world would a woman want to deal with that?

      The cost of war can have greater effects on the mental and emotional state of any soldier.

      Thank you for sharing this.


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