Dating Your Grandparent


Reports have started to circulate that 71 year old Mick Jagger has a new girlfriend.

Her name is Melanie Hamrick and she’s old enough to be his great-granddaughter. 

She’s 28.

Now, I have to give the guy credit.  He’s 71 and still has the ability to attract the young hotties who seem to have a grandpa complex.  Or in this case, a great-grandpa complex.

Personally, I think it’s pathetic. 

Why in the world does a young woman want to be with an old man?  Seriously!  Can someone please tell me what the attraction is because I don’t get it? 

Anyone want to chime in on this? 

Dating someone two and a half times your age is really pathetic.  I mean…REALLY pathetic!


56 thoughts on “Dating Your Grandparent

  1. Because old men are smart and young men are dumb!

    Anyone I’ve dated or gone out on a date with was older than me. When I was a waitress, I’d sincerely flirt with guys who I found out were older than me. One day, my boss pulled me into his office after my shift and said,

    “Honey, are you alright?”

    Me: “Yeah, why?”

    “Well, it’s just that you’re unusually drawn to tall, lanky white men in their mid-thirties.”

    Me: “Yeah, and?”

    “Honey, I’m afraid you have a condition. A daddy complex. Are you speaking with someone about it?”

    I now date eighteen year-olds fresh out of high school. No, just kidding. But my friend did hook me up with a guy who I later learned was younger and STILL in high school. I look pretty young. Few people guess I’m 24 in real life. But we were getting milkshakes, and he told me,

    “So yeah, I’m taking AP Calculus and writing out my essays to college. So excited!”

    I just felt weird. Maybe because of the whole calculus as self-validation, but for any reason, it was just weird.

    I’m sure older men feel that way about me too.

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    • ha! You’re 24? Really? I guessed you at 28? Not because of the picture you have as your gravatar, but because of your sensibility in your writing style. You come across as being much older and wiser than what I perceive a 24 year old to be.

      with that said, I can understand why you would date older men, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I wouldn’t say you have a “daddy complex” for being attracted to men in their 30’s. However, if you were dating men in their 40’s and 50’s…well…that’s having a daddy complex. If they are in their 60’s and 70’s…that’s a grand-daddy complex. LOL!

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      • No, dude. I’m 24. We had this conversation at work today. The coworkers who are similarly young are like, 28 to 31. They commented on my “childish looks.” I’m sure I’ll be thankful for this ten years from now.

        I really don’t see myself dating someone who’s 40. There’s too much of a life difference there. I don’t think I’m ready to make someone’s dream of fatherhood a reality quite yet. And if I dated some 70-year-old, well, I sure hope at some point in time he knocked off “grandpa” from his bucket list. ‘Cause that’s not something I could accommodate.

        There you go again, making me think of ridiculous things. Like dating elderly men.

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  2. From what I’ve heard from people who’ve met him (ok the one person whose son got invited to his New Year’s Eve party) Mick Jagger is seriously cool and one of those people whose personality makes him ageless. So maybe it’s his pure magnetism.
    Or maybe it’s the cash and fame. Poor Mick. How will he cope?

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  3. LOL, I never understood why anyone would date Mick Jagger in the first place! Oh ouch, that’s not very nice, is it? 😉 Older guys well, there is a certain appeal to men who age properly, a bit like cheese or fine wine. Without that aging, you just got rotten milk and sour grapes. Great grandpa might be pushing it a bit, however. I married someone four years older than me, but at least we were born in the same century.

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  4. Attraction to fame. power and money, I would think is the reason. Lots of celebs date and marry much younger women – Tony Bennett, for example. You don’t see the reverse very often, though, older woman and much younger man. That is much more frowned upon in our society.

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    • I wouldn’t say that an older women with a younger man is frowned upon…it’s just weird. But in my opinion…so is an old man with a younger woman. that’s just weird…something ain’t right there.

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  5. Really? You don’t get it? Of course she’s attracted to him…his money, his fame, his access to celebrities…duh.

    Now, that is NOT to say you’d find me dating a 71 year old – I wouldn’t have dated him when he was 51!!

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  6. Luciana Gimanez had a kid with Mick Jagger God freaking knows how many years ago (I’m gonna say 15, maybe 16) and she’s still on TV in Brazil despite having zero talent in doing anything. Not to mention he send her son more in money a month than any kid could spend in a lifetime.

    The Brazilian ‘model’ who slept with Madonna for a while was one of the most sought out male models even after they split… and some people decided he could be an actor because sure.

    Sooo… I don’t know in the rest of the world, but in Brazil sleeping with famous people is a carreer path. >.>

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  7. One of my daughters once told me she wanted to find and marry an old man with money because then when he died shortly thereafter, she would be rich. Fortunately, she didn’t stick to that plan – she is with a very nice man her own age. But I believe that may be the biggest answer to why young women are willing to marry old men. Makes sense, in a perverted sort of way.

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  8. Here ya go Pathos:

    The girl wants the fame, (and all the accompanying wealth, face on camera, to be ‘somebody,’ etc)

    The guy wants immortality.

    (same thing with the silk bathrobe wearing misfit HH, and his groupies)

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