Annual Reward


I only eat one big mac a year.  I know…pathetic, right? 

If you think that’s pathetic, when I was in high school I used to eat four a five a month.

I didn’t cut back on my big mac consumption because I don’t like them.  It’s because as I aged, I started to realize that big mac’s aren’t healthy; and I want to eat things that are better for me, so I cut back and only eat one a year.  When I have that big mac, it’s like I’m rewarding myself for all the hard work I put in through out the year. 

What I really enjoy about eating the big mac is the special sauce that drips off the sides and onto my fingers with every bite.  It’s like getting a little something extra out of a meal.  That special sauce is finger lickin’ good. 

But today my reward was not to be.  

I drove through the drive thru, ordered and paid for my big mac, took it home, was all prepared to eat it while watching NCAA basketball and after my first bite I realized something was missing.  

I lifted the bun and there was no special sauce.  

I lifted the next layer…nothing…

and the next…Nothing!  


A Big Mac without special sauce is pathetic.  



39 thoughts on “Annual Reward

  1. Ba-hahaha! This is extra awesome – you’ll see why when you read mine. I will no longer get the Big Mac (my former fav fast food) because they SKIMP (completely in your case) on the special sauce and it’s just not the same!!! Ugh!!!

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    • Yes. I am considering taking them to court solely based on the premise that every big mac should contain special sauce since the catchy song states that there are two all-beef patties, SPECIAL SAUCE, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. I’m pretty sure I could get a couple million out of them for pain and suffering. 😉

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    • 😉 yep. I’m not certain it was a mistake because my sister who lives in another part of the country told me that her son loves the big mac as well and eats a couple a month, but they skimp on the special sauce all the time. Wondering if there’s a shortage of special sauce or if McDonald’s is trying to make the big mac “healthier”.


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