And Yet Another Face Palm

throat punch

Pinata showed up to work today after taking off all last week for an illness that she made up. 

How do I know she made it up?  Because Pinata is the stupidest woman on the planet. Let me explain…

Just after returning from lunch I heard her on the phone.  I presumed that it was a personal call because she was laughing hysterically about something, and her creepy witch-like cackle usually means she’s talking with her niece or someone close to her and not helping a client. 

After attempting to drown out the nuisance that is her voice, something she said piqued my interest and made me perform yet ANOTHER of the many face palms that occur in my cubicle everysingleday

Here’s a little slice of her conversation…

“Yes…we did some amazing things!  He took me to the federal museum memorial where they take you on a tour and show you all the pictures and then there’s this audio that plays and it’s SOOO powerful.  It made me cry.  

“Then on Wednesday he took me to a place where they serve some of the best food.  I have to go there again. 

“What? …  No…  I had such a blast with him and we spent ALL LAST WEEK walking around Oklahoma City and …”


Oh, wait!…wait!…wait! ! !  

It gets even more pathetic!!!  

You know how I told you my supervisor was all in a tizzy trying to reach Pinata on the Friday she left early to get her back in the office?? …if not, you can read it here.   Ummm… yeeeaaahhh…  not so much!

So after hearing Pinata say that she was in OKC all last week, I quickly sent an instant message to Pippi and asked if she and Pinata had discussed the recent trip to OKC, to which Pippi replied…

“Oh yeah!  She met some guy online who lives in Texas and decided to meet him last week in Oklahoma City.  After she got back, we met for drinks on Saturday night and she told us all about it.

“Me and Mandy (our supervisor) were not happy that she was going to meet this guy; and we tried to talk her out of it, but she decided to go anyway. 

“She drove down last Sunday and gave her itinerary to myself and Mandy (our supervisor) about where she would be staying and what her plans would be each day because we were really worried about her and wouldn’t let her go without knowing her every move and how to reach her…”


Pinata was never sick.

She left early to pack and get ready for her “date”.

My supervisor knew where she was going and that she wouldn’t be in the office all last week.

It was all a ruse when my supervisor acted like she was worried about Pinata leaving Bullhorn and I alone during one of the more horrendous months our call center has experienced.

And the worst part…there’s nothing any of us can do about it because it was all “approved” and if I go to HR it just sounds like I’m a disgruntled employee who needs counseling or anger management.

If I’ve never said this before, let me say it now…

This place is pathetic.


50 thoughts on “And Yet Another Face Palm

  1. Hello, Mr. Irtfyblog, I don’t want to barge in here and start telling you what to do, but whenever I get stressed out at work I start praying the Jesus prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” It works instantly, God always hears me and brings me peace. You should pray for that Piñata lady too.

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    • Great advice. Thank you for the suggestion. However, I’d like to tell you that I pray A LOT every day for these people…it started out as a kind prayer, but then I heard this song:


  2. So, without revealing too much (and I will reveal that after reading your posts, my day job is A LOT like yours, maybe the same), I know that usually if they have sick leave hours they haven’t used up, employees in some places can use them for “personal leave,” without exactly specifying.

    But yes, that was ridiculous, and I’ve never heard of this kind of stuff happening so…leniently.

    Besides talking on the phone and laughing about personal matters and gushing over dates during clock hours, what else does this woman do that could warrant the pink slip that is SOOO powerful and enough to make her cry?

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      • …I have a hard time imagining her as that. Somehow, at least to me, you depicted her as an overly sentimental woman who watches soap operas from her iPhone while taking phone calls. Which happens. And in my place, you’d get cut for that because of all that bandwidth.

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  3. Oh, I feel your pain. How frustrating.

    Here’s something worse … have you heard of “intermittent FMLA”? I believe in the Family Medical Leave Act when it’s used legitimately for giving birth to a child and taking time off, taking care of a parent who just had surgery or dealing with your own cancer BUT people abuse Intermittent FMLA. Intermittent FMLA is when you take a day off or two here and there, don’t have to give any notice. Some people use it for chronic migraines or IBS diverticulitis just to name a couple examples. Sometimes it’s legit and sometimes people abuse this “program” and they don’t have to prove they were sick … they can call in a mere hour or leave during their shift related to their intermittent FMLA problem. I worked with someone who binge drank, upsetting their “IBS” and they claimed a diverticulitis flare every time … they could be off whenever as much as they liked. No proof, no nothing … all protected. There was no accountability.

    And just like you mentioned, you can’t go to HR because you look like a paranoid @-hole! No one has to tell you anything because it’s all HIPPA protected.

    I’m sorry you work with someone like Piñata. I’m sorry that your boss sides with this person. And most of all I’m sorry that you feel like you can do anything about this situation except to ignore it and do your own good, hard, honest work. I feel your pain brother!

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    • yes…
      Yes it is.
      And it’s par for the course around here. The management is pathetic and so is HR. And I know it’s not that unusual, I just wish that I could work someplace where the management isn’t best friends with the worst workers in the building. … someday. … sigh …

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  4. o_O
    And that works how, exactly? Because I’m pretty sure anywhere else you’d get sacked.
    I suppose you could always take it as Carew Blanche to bugger off any time you see fit. If the precedent’s been set it seems rude not to take advantage of it.

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    • haha! They could care less if any of us are here. I’ve tried to form a coop, but no one else has the backbone that I have to leave them all here for a week while we all go to a spa and enjoy a relaxing time not worrying about the work.

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