Airplane Passenger


I originally posted this on one of my previously deleted blogs…so for some of you it may be a familiar story.  But I felt it was worth posting here.

A few years back I was on a flight heading back home from Chicago’s O’Hare airport.  While waiting for take off, the woman seated next to me asked if I wouldn’t mind changing seats.  She explained that she hated the window seat and thought she would be safer in the middle seat if the plane happened to crash.  (Yeah…because statistics show that people sitting in the middle seat are far more likely to survive than those sitting next to the window or aisle!)

I thought this was a strange request and a bit disconcerting to say the least; but I had no problem accepting her request because I tend to enjoy the window seat more than the middle or aisle seats.

alcoholgirlSo after switching seats she proceeded to inform myself and the woman in the aisle seat that she hated flying (not a great conversation starter).  She hated it so much that she had to have three glasses of wine and two shots of whiskey before entering the plane.  FYI:  NOT information you want to divulge to me before we take off.

Just then the woman on the aisle and I exchanged glances.  Both giving looks of delightful deviance and nodding to one another as if having a mental conversation that went something like this: 

Aisle-seat lady:  “Are we going to have to duct tape her to the seat? 

Me: “I don’t know, but it would make this flight an hour of peculiar and profound entertainment for the two of us if we did.  Maybe we should.”

Aisle-seat lady: “Do you have any duct tape?”

Me:  “No.  Do you?”

Aisle-seat Lady:  (disheartened) “No.”

Me:  (disheartened) “Oh.  I guess we’re just going to have to talk to her.”

Aisle-seat Lady:  “Yeah. (sighhhh)  I guess so.”

I feel that I must inform you that even though I’m afraid of heights to the point where I can’t even think of being on a ledge or cliff without my knees buckling, I actually enjoy flying quite a bit. 

I love the take off and landings because the ground is zipping by at such great speeds and then … woosh! … you’re in the air, or … woosh! … you’re landing.  It’s just the coolest thing in the world to me. 

So with that said when I get on a plane, I enjoy having the sun guard up on the window so I can watch us take off, however, on this particular trip my young, alcohol-laced co-passenger made it very clear that even though we switched places, I could not for any reason what-so-ever have the sun guard up.  It had to be down. 

Now…since I have a fear of heights …AND… since I was raised as a nice young man who is also a follower of Jesus Christ who, mind you, taught us the golden rule, I like to treat others the way I want to be treated by accommodating them when I know they are uncomfortable in certain situations. 

This was obviously one of those situations.

HOWEVER…having a fear of my own, I also know that we must find ways to overcome them. With that said I’m also quite mischievous and when the opportunity presents itself, I tend to take advantage of those situations to help other people overcome their fears. 

This too, was obviously one of those situations. 


So, just before we taxied out onto the runway I closed the sun guard so my alcohol-laced co-passenger wouldn’t get weird on me. 

fear of flying1As the plane started down the runway and was gaining speed, I noticed that she had a death grip on the armrests, her jaw was clinched, lips pierced and her eyes closed tight; so I took this opportunity to raise the sun guard a little bit so I could watch as the plane ascended into the air. 

After all, her eyes were closed.  She couldn’t see anything.  How would she know?  …right??

Welllllll…I found out rather quickly that the real question wasn’t how would she know, but rather, how did she know?  Because as soon as the sun guard was up, she turned her face directly towards me and with eyes still closed and claws of death still gripping the armrests, she let out this very loud, very startling, very hilarious profanity laced scream of terror. 

I do believe the exact phrase was,





Which was heard throughout the cabin, and I imagine by every person within a 20 mile radius including the village some 8000 feet below us. 

Only two sounds were heard immediately following her deliberate vocal outrage.  The first was the sound of the roaring jet engines; and the second was the subtle and ever so silent sound of me slowly sliding the sun guard back down.

Not one other passenger said a word until the Pilot came over the intercom and told us our cruising altitude and some other pertinent information about our flight.

I then recall smiling at my frightened, eyes closed, alcohol-laced co-passenger; and I awkwardly stated that I didn’t mean any harm and wasn’t trying to be rude; which ended up being a misguided attempt at diplomacy, because with a very menacing, eyes–still–closed gaze that spoke volumes as to how she felt towards my chivalrous attempt to help her overcome her fears…she sternly replied,




To which I responded by glancing at the Aisle-seat lady and we exchanged looks of humorous yet shocking disbelief. 

After the plane leveled off and we seemed to reach our cruising altitude, my alcohol-laced co-passenger slowly opened her eyes just in time to witness the fight attendant checking on us. 

At this point the aisle-seat lady and I were finished with our laughter and explained the situation to the fight attendants.  They seemed to understand and when they came by with snacks, we each received a little something extra.  

The plane made its final approach at our destination site, and just before exiting the plane I asked one of the flight attendants if they were on the same connecting fight as my alcohol-laced co-passenger. 

They were extremely happy to notify me that they were not, but said they would definitely alert the crew of that flight that she would be coming.

I have no idea how that fight went for her, but I can only imagine what it must have been like for the other passengers and flight crew.

Maybe they let her ride in the baggage compartment…

Or on the front!


I hope she didn’t scream too loudly.

Sitting on a plane next to people afraid to fly can be really pathetic.


29 thoughts on “Airplane Passenger

  1. I have a fear of flying as well and I also tend to get air sick, but I’ve never been rude to anyone because of it. That’s my problem and no one else’s. I’m quite amazed at how you well you handled the situation. You are apparently a very good follower of Jesus Christ. I do not have that much patience. And that sun guard rule was just plain weird.

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  2. Great story, well told! Pretty decent manners with her, too, all things considered. I’m with you. I love window seats and I love takeoff and landing. Taking off is exciting! Landing is a relief. Thanks for your many visits to my blog.

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  3. Hilarious! Kind of sad, too, because flying is so fun. And nowadays with the built-in TVs they have on longer flights you can finally get caught up on those movies that were popular two years back that you never saw…

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    • ya, it’s nothing to really be afraid of, but this young lady hated it.

      Even though it may come across as a bad experience, it was actually a really fun flight. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!!


  4. I can understand your fear of heights but not of flying. I think even though you are at a extreme height you are inside of the plane surrounded by its “walls” so you feel safer than being on the edge of a cliff which is out in the open. I have a weird relationship with heights. I can stand on a cliff and look down. Stand and look off the balcony of tall buildings. Climb a tree, sit on its branches, and hang on to the trunk. No Problems with these situations. But standing on a ladder even a step ladder I get nervous. The rungs are so narrow or the step not wide enough just misplace one foot and there you are falling.

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  5. I got my first plane ride in a a few years ago. I wasn’t afraid, but I was nervous. Needless to say, I enjoyed it a lot. Its a shame, because I’d rather fly anywhere I go. I remember older adults telling me we’d have flying cars by the time I was able to drive. How I wish so bad they were correct with those statements.

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    • Plane rides are awesome. Glad you had a good experience with your first.

      And yes, flying cars! Where are they? With all the technology we have in place, we should be flying cars…but no! How do we make this a reality?

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      • I’m not sure how to make it a reality. Maybe we should put both our minds together? In the end we both will reap the rewards of this highly innovation invention, that has escaped everyone for years lol.

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  6. I used to be a terrible flyer. I was completely afraid, now I’m pretty much over it. I don’t think I would have been rude, just very focused on keeping my eyes closed and my music playing.

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