Poets Challenge!

Just a Reminder!!

If you’re interested, please come up with a poem that contains 4 (four) linesThat’s all.  No more…no less!

Four (4) complete lines of text that describe this picture:  


Once you have come up with your poem, please email me at RTFYBLOG@gmail.com with “poem challenge” in the subject line.  Don’t forget to include a link to your blog or at least your blog name so I know who to give credit to.  

You may submit as many poems as you like, but make sure they are only 4 lines total, please. 

The cut-off date for your submissions is April 5th.  I know that’s not a lot of time, but I have faith in your creative ability to come up with something pathetic.

After April 5th, I will choose which FIVE (5) I find the most pathetic.  Those five will be published as guest posts on my blog during the month of April.

This is open to everyone, and I’m looking forward to the submissions.  So get to work and let’s see what kind of pathetic poems you can create that describe that photo above! 


29 thoughts on “Poets Challenge!

    • What? lol…really? I love poetry. I actually follow a number of poetry blogs and have enjoyed the works of Shel Silverstein since I was a kid.

      His works: Where the Sidewalk ends… A light in the attic and The giving tree were staples in my home growing up. In loo of bedtime stories my mom would read his poems.

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      • Well, shame on me for being so shocked when you responded to my Meet and Greet Post on OM’s blog. For some reason, you struck me as an atheist who had an atheist blog, and was the President of a secular humanist club while majoring in philosophy…

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        • LOL! — oh wow! I had no idea that was how I came off to people. I’m sorry…No! I’m the complete opposite…Mid-conservative, Christian who loves the Lord with all my heart and with a pathetic blog showing the true nature of humanity and never presided over anything and majored in Business and Marketing Management. LOL!

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        • yep! 🙂

          But it’s okay…how would you know? I don’t open up much to give you any idea of who I am because that isn’t what I want my blog to be about. It’s just a place for me to rant and make an attempt at being humorous. Sometimes I am..other times, not so much.

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        • Sadly, the “I refuse to follow your blog” reminds me of my first boyfriend, who was brutally honest with my writing when we were together. “I don’t like your writing. It’s lengthy and crap. I don’t like your research. It’s boring and no one cares.” But you’re quite nice!

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        • wow…that’s not encouraging for you or for him….or for me, for that matter….LOL….

          Honesty has its place, but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth closed and your opinions to yourself unless you really want to hurt someone’s feelings, which I’ve done a few times in my life…hence the reason I’m still single… :-/ lol.

          I’m sorry your boyfriend wasn’t smart enough to know that he needed to encourage your writing and research, as well as provide constructive criticism to help you hone your skills. personally, I enjoy your work and really am happy that we met through OM.

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        • No worries. Honestly, if it wasn’t for what he said about my research being stupid, I wouldn’t have been so driven to get my college thesis published. But that’s another story…

          As for the writing, it started as a way to release myself in aways that were healthier than watching Jerry Springer all day.

          No worries. I just thought you were one of the cynical types to be scared of. You’re obviously not.

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        • It sounds like you are driven to achieve…not so much succeed, but to achieve the goals you set out to complete. That’s a wonderful gift and I’m sure you’ll go very far in this world.

          Oh…I am cynical…but only to a fault. 🙂 But there isn’t any reason to be scared of me…I’m really a very passive, humble guy who’s been wounded a lot and understands what others have been through.

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        • LOL! yes! barry manilow….What should I play? …. Mandy? … Can’t live with you? … Oooo…I know! Bandstand Boogie…that’ll get me out of this mushy state. 😉

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        • My job is a ten-minute walk away. Plus, they’re not too strict and the rent is the best in the area. Of course, I’m often chastised for leaving for work in “tight sweaters” and flamboyant pantyhose…

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        • lol! Would you expect any less from them? I mean, seriously…I wouldn’t. LOL.

          At least you have a good place to live and the roommates are safe. Are you Catholic? Also…you have to speed up to 3:24 in that video I posted and just listen for a couple seconds…it’s hilarious!

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        • I’ve gone from Catholic to Mormon to something-something to I’ll go to whatever church you invite me to. But they’re not too strict with that. You are expected to help in the upkeep of the building and participate in all Christmas and Easter festivities, along with feast days…

          I shall look at the video.

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        • LOL! that’s was the 70’s.
          Such a pathetic decade for any type of fashion. At the beginning of the video he turns around and you get to see his tinted glasses. Such a cool look.

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        • hahaha! I think that style is making a comeback. I really hope it fails to catch on because I hate all things 70’s…that was a very pathetic decade.


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