Pinata didn’t come in to work. 

She called in sick and left a voice mail for my supervisor before anyone came in.  

I’m pretty sure she knows what’s coming and thinks that avoidance will make it all go away. 


b’cuz that’s worked in the past  –  said no one ever!



19 thoughts on “Update…((sigh))

    • That’s an encouraging thought, but I highly doubt it.

      She’s been with the company for over 20 years and has no plans on leaving. This place is a good thing for her and believe me…she’s treated like a wounded warrior for some reason. The management pampers her every need and it makes us all sick just thinking about it. 🙂

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    • hahahaa….I’ve considered it. Writing a book that is. One of the places I worked was a sit-com waiting to happen. So many bad choices by so many people. ugh….just thinking about it makes me want to yell at someone. lol.

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    • Thanks Peach! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the incredibly stressful drama that my work life presents me on a daily basis. 😉 LOL.

      And yes, my blog isn’t really about anything in particular…just all the random things in life that I find pathetic. If you haven’t noticed, I tend to end every post with a line about something pathetic. Just my way of venting I suppose. 😉

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  1. Laughing out loud here. We had one young lady who left early “because her car needed repairs.” On a Friday, of course. Come Monday, she called and said she didn’t have her car back yet. Same thing Tuesday – and Wednesday – etc. Eventually, we thought to check her desk and discovered she had cleared everything out – there wasn’t even a paper clip left! I don’t know how long she planned to string us along before admitting that she had quit.

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