State of Stupidity


So, we should all be familiar with the group IS or ISIL …or  wait…

is it ISIS?

Anyway…the original name for the group in Arabic was Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham.  Buuutt since that was too long for the idiots in mediastic journalizing to write, they changed it to something more simplistic: “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” or ISIS.  

Meanwhile, a few others in the realm of journalistic crap writing decided to go with, ISIL which stands for “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, and a few others chose something even shorter, IS or “Islamic State”.

However, I don’t agree with any of them. 

First…this band of renegade wackjobs does NOT represent the whole of Islam, so they shouldn’t be called IS or Islamic State.  

Second, they don’t really have a “state” or country of origin because the group is made up of a bunch of radicals who all came from different countries and don’t know the first thing about proper hygiene; therefore, they shouldn’t be referred to as ISIS or ISIL.

No…instead I believe this rag-tag group of wannabe soldiers would best be served with a name that suits their mindset and ideology.  

That name is: ISS.  Or…Islamic State of Stupidity.

Now, before you get your jibber-jabber all in a tizzy of epic proportions about the name…

I am NOT calling the Muslim nations stupid.  I’m only referring to the group otherwise known as ISIL or IS or ISIS.  This unkempt bunch of campers who got their hands on some AK-47’s and a few rounds of lethal ammo and then decided to form a club similar to the Nazi’s or Communist party.  

The Islamic State of Stupidity is a mere formality and can be used by everyone to describe this group of radicals who like to imagine they are fighting for a “good cause” but are really trying to instigate a culture war between Christians, Jews, Muslims and any other religious group that may exist.   

Notice that this label can also be used interchangeably for radical Christians, Jews, Hindus, Mormons, Catholics, Buddhists, Taoists and the like.  For example, “Christian State of Stupidity”,  “Mormon State of Stupidity”, “Buddhist State of Stupidity” and so on.  

In turn, this can be used to label other groups as well such as nationalities, “American State of Stupidity”, “Russian State of Stupidity” or “Moroccan State of Stupidity”

It can be used to label genders, “Female State of Stuipidity” or “Male State of Stupidity.”

And even age groups, “Teenage State of Stupidity”, “Twenty-something State of Stupidity” or “Senile State of Stupidity”

So…from here on out, I would like to ask that everyone in the herd please stop using the terms ISIS, IS or ISIL to describe the mentally challenged group of terrorists in the Middle East and begin using the new, more precise term of: ISS. 

And always remember that whatever state of stupidity it might be…all of them are pathetic. 

Fail_miss the mat


17 thoughts on “State of Stupidity

  1. Hey good post. I represent the latter of the list, senile state of… Thanks for pointing out, the stupid part. We need to wake-up the sheep, which you forgot to mention. Maybe we can start our own club International state of stupidity. Everyone can join, provided they have access to brains. There aren’t enough bullets to put all of the stupid down, it’s just too bad they get in the way of making real progress in the world.

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