A couple years ago, a group of numb-nuts in the world of reality television all got together in a padded cell and asked themselves,

“So, what kind of train wreck can we put on the air for the weak-minded and unstable followers of this world to start watching, then want to look away from, but can’t?”

After numerous doses of CymbaltaLexapro and Wellbutrin; one of the less medicated stood up and shouted…

“I know!  I know!!!  let’s make a television show where soon to be brides, who are extremely insecure with their appearance, compete for a chance to win plastic surgery that may or may not make them look better!!!”

And this is where the show Bridalplasty was created! 

The show had only one season from what I can find.  IMDb says it had two, but I can’t locate the second season anywhere, so I think it’s a misprint.  

The show is about twelve or thirteen contestants who are soon-to-be brides.  All of them have some kind of flaw that they don’t like about their appearance and would absolutely love to get plastic surgery to fix said flaw. 

Within each episode the contestants are given certain bridal “challenges” that they must complete within a certain amount of time.  Then each challenge is judged by someone important within the realm of bridal/wedding preparations who thinks more highly of themselves than they ought. 

lizardtongueEvery challenge has a “winner” (and I use that term loosely) who gets to choose from a list of plastic surgeries that they submitted with their application to join the show.  

At the end of the season there is ONE overall “winner” who gets to have all their remaining plastic surgeries completed from their list.

The show is very pathetic and made me hurt just watching it…

yes…I watched all ten episodes.  Why? 


Because it was funny!

That…and I got hooked on watching these crazy women do some horrible things to their faces and bodies.  LOL!!!!   (<—I think that’s the first time I’ve ever put an “lol” in one of my posts, but it’s worth it!)

crazyeyesThe fact that these women were so eager to go under the knife just made the show even more pathetic.  Not too mention, all the “post surgeries” these women suffered through. 

OH!  Yeah…I almost forgot to mention the contestants in recovery!!!  

They didn’t have to compete in the next challenges because they had to be cleared by their doctors before they performed any physical activity, so they sat in the “recovery” room in the house until the doctor cleared them. 

It wasn’t uncommon to have two or more contestants in the recovery room at the same time because each “winner” was having something done that required a minimum one-week bed rest.

The entire show was a pathetic masterpiece that revealed the torture that women will subject themselves to for a more attractive appearance.

If you want to watch it, I think it’s still on Netflix streaming; but if you choose to watch it, don’t say I didn’t warn you…The show is a train wreck from beginning to end, and once your eye catches it, you just can’t seem to look away.  

Bridalplasty  =  Pathetic!










29 thoughts on “Bridalplasty

  1. So what we need now to TOP this splendorous show (that I’ve never heard of, let alone never seen) is a hybrid … bridalplasty + the bachelor (yes, bacheLOR) … the women all undergo some sort of plastic surgery and the bachelor has to pick the one he “loves” even though they are in bandages! It would probably keep the shagging down in that fantasy suite! 😉

    Just an idea …

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    • LOL!!!! I love that idea!!! I would actually watch that! You need to submit that idea to ABC or one of the other networks. lol….I can’t stop laughing at the idea. lol… 😀

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  2. I’d love to say I’m not going to watch this, but I’m probably going to watch this. If someone truly has a feature that makes them feel ostracized, I get it. If I had a nose the size of Russia,or a humpback, I’d want to get that fixed. I guess I’ll just have to tune in…

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  3. Kinda sad too. That they’d feel compelled to go under the knife for that big day…a lot of pressure to make it the best day ever. More energy oughtta be spent on the marriage than the wedding, me thinks. 🙂 But there is the flip side…if the house needs painting, paint it! 😉

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    • “More energy oughtta be spent on the marriage than the wedding, me thinks” – So true! it seems that many of the couple today don’t take time to think about the next twenty or thirty years before marriage. Instead, they focus on the wedding and the honeymoon where they get all the attention…after the attention fades (and it fades quickly) they just go back to living their lives and forget that it’s not about them anymore. It’s about the other person they just married. A wise woman once told me, “the wedding is nice, but it’s just a day. It’s the rest of your life where you learn about loving someone so much you can’t take a breath without thinking of them first.”

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  4. This is so sad. I won’t even start saying why. I will say we have created a monster. Who are we? Layers and layers of us complicit as silent onlookers and loud, greedy entrepreneurs. It seems another version of contempt for women (the kind the creates self-contempt in women, as well). OK. I’ll be quiet now. Maybe. I wish I could leave a like. Thanks for raising the issue.

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  5. Very pathetic. Maybe I’m lucky in that I like my appearance, but I can’t even understand why people would want to change their eye color. I color my hair, but guess what? It’s the same color it would be (if I didn’t have lots of white, which appeared after my 19th birthday!).

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    • 🙂 Yeah, I can’t understand why people want to change their appearance so much that they don’t look natural anymore. It’s an insecurity they have, I guess.


  6. LOL, I admit, I watched a few episodes and laughed at the train wreck. Cruel, I know, but for goodness sakes, that was just so pathetic and lacking in all common sense, what else can you do? The fact that the show was canceled gives me some hope for humankind.

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