Leaving Early

Work_leaving early

Normally I work on a team of seven. 

This morning we had three.  Pinata, myself and another coworker who I haven’t yet decided on a nickname for.  However, for clarification purposes in this blog post we’ll just refer to him as “Bullhorn”

So, each of us on our team normally work staggered shifts so that we have phones covered at all times.  This being a call center/help desk environment, this works well enough for everyone and makes life easier on each of us so we’re not taking more calls than we should be.

With that in mind my normal shift ends at 5pm.  Bullhorn, 3PM and Pinata is supposed to work until 4 PM; but that happens as often as a blue moon in September.

Before I continue with my Friday rant there are a couple things I should point out…

1)  The public schools in my area are on “spring break” this week so her kid isn’t in school.

2)  Pinata’s son is 7 and she has a weird, creepy relationship with him.  It’s borderline obsessive compulsive and one that makes everyone in the office a little uncomfortable talking about. 

3)  I work on a IT helpdesk and our company is currently in the middle of a massive upgrade on a lot of our machines right now, so we have a heavy call load and being short even one person makes the workload heavier than it should be for the remaining six…so try to imagine what it’s like having four of the seven out of the office. 

4)  I don’t think Pinata has worked a full shift since the first week of January.  (This isn’t really pertinent information.  I just wanted to share it so you know what kind of crappy work ethic she has.)


Weeeelllll…At 10:30 this morning both Bullhorn and myself were on the phone assisting clients with some technical issues, when suddenly, Pinata yells out to anyone within earshot that she decided she doesn’t want to be at work today; and since it’s Friday, she was leaving early to go play with her son. 

And then she left.


  …  …  …  …  …  …  … insert a long, awkward pause here …  …  …  …  …  …  …


Her announcement obviously came as a shock to both Bullhorn and myself, and at that moment both Bullhorn and I stood up and peered over our cubicle walls at one another with looks of disbelief.  Then after we ended our calls, we both went into our supervisor’s office and asked how she could approve Pinata leaving for the day.  

Annnnnnddd here’s where it gets entertaining…

Our supervisor looked at us and said,

“What?  She REALLY left!?!  I thought she was going to lunch!!!”  

To which Bullhorn and I replied,

“Nope!  She’s out for the day.”

My supervisor then proceeded to call her to get her back in the office, but Pinata didn’t answer and has not responded to the numerous voice mails that have been left by our supervisor since 10:40 this morning. 

I have to admit that even though the work load has been horrendous with five team members out of the office, I’m eager to see what Monday will bring because Pinata has never been held accountable for any of her stupid actions in the past.  Of course, I don’t think any of them have been this pathetic, but then again…who’s keeping track? 

Oh!  That’s right…  I am! 


Pinata is pathetic! 




37 thoughts on “Leaving Early


    My work group consists of:
    1) someone who sells Scentsy products and their eggs from home ON THE JOB … who talks, and talks and talks and talks and talks and gets out of doing so much work. Did I mention the talking is NOT job related?!
    2) a do-nothing boss … meaning doesn’t care about disciplining the person above or care about productivity in that person AT ALL!
    3) another co-worker who is so thick w/ the boss that it is incestuous — bleh, gross and unfair. BUT who said life was fair?
    4) the office tattle-tale who tells on EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! This is the hall monitor extraordinaire!

    I could go on and on … I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has to work with unethical people … wait, did I just say I’m happy for you’re suffering? I’m not … I’m simply glad that I’m not the only one working w/ freakazoids who lack work ethic!!!!

    More, please more!!!! Can’t wait till Monday!

    Here’s a comic that applies to Ms. Piñata! http://spudcomics.com/2011/06/27/give-up-the-goods/

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    • I feel for you! We have everyone of those people you listed here too. It’s such a pain to work with and one I’m trying to ride myself of by finding another job.
      And that comic…LOL…that’s PERFECT! thank you for that. Pepe’s Pinata’s! Maybe that’s what I’ll start calling my work place. 😉 thanks for the comment.

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      • It’s so hard to deal w/ sh*tty-sh*tty bang-bang people to work with! I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now. I looked at a crapload of jobs and interviewed for a few. There are lame people ALL over the place. My husband and I compare notes about the mirror image of his co-workers to mine and we work in COMPLETELY different fields (architecture vs. healthcare).

        I think it’s healthy to explore what’s out there. I’ve come to the conclusion that I love my actual job and the people I work with leave a lot to be desired … like A LOT! I’ve come to know how much I hate favoritism and vow, seriously vow that if I am ever the supervisor I will not give in to that sh*t because it’s so demoralizing to the others in the work group.

        I know one thing that has always helped w/ crappy jobs or sucky co-workers is when I’ve had an excellent boss, but my husband tells me it’s silly to jump ship in search of a great boss because they can leave and things can change.

        The only thing that gets me through this crap is the love of what I do, the people I take care of and simply accepting my co-workers for what they are instead of trying to change them or wishing they’d change into more inspired (or capable) people. I can only be the positive work image for myself; I help myself from focusing on their (bad) behavior by focusing more on my job even if my boss is incapable of recognizing my dedication due to insecurity.

        I wish you the best! You hang in there!

        In the meantime, check out the blog below for some smiles: https://notesfromtheboss.wordpress.com

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        • Oh you’re preaching to the choir here sister. everything you said I agree with. The crappy people are everywhere no matter what field you work in. I’ve been dealing with them for a long time in a number of different jobs, and each time I think it’ll get better…it just remains the same or gets worse.

          And you’re absolutely correct…the only thing that can get you through this crap is the love of what you do and the people you care for. The co-workers we end up with are just a small portion of what our jobs really consist of.

          Thanks for the words of encouragement and the link. I’ll check it out. 🙂

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  2. It’s beyond frustrating to work with slackers who get away with everything. It makes you want to slack off yourself, but if you’re like me, you can’t just leave people in the lurch. It’s so difficult, but just keep putting forth your best effort until you find something better. I feel for you and really hope you find something better very soon.

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  3. Terrible work ethics! I see a lot of that here. Especially people engaged with the government, they want to earn cheques and not work. So, when they come to work they make the whole world take a bite of how pathetic their lives are! Thanks for sharing and I hope Monday wouldn’t be more pathetic…!

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    • Thank you! It seems to be the same no matter what country you work in. People are always going to expect something for nothing. Hard work is a rewarding experience and it’s too bad there aren’t enough people in the world who agree with that.

      Thank you for the comment and I’ll keep you posted.

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    • Thank you. But it’s just par for the course and it’s not really her fault…I blame my boss for letting four people take the day off in the middle of a massive upgrade. Then again…I can blame Pinata because she’s the one who took it upon herself to up and leave. …sigh… One of these days things will get better…I just have to keep my chin up! right?

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  4. LOL, I love hearing of these work place woes. At least I know I’m not crazy. We have people at my work who take off early, call in sick, and I am forced to work for them. Then they have the nerve to turn around and complain that I am hogging all the hours. Really maddening because sometimes it works, so they have to change my schedule because some moron now needs more hours. Why do they need extra shifts? To make up for all the other shifts they somehow failed to show up for!

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    • Wow! I feel your pain! It’s so sad that those of us (you and I) have been dealt the hand we have in our work place. Some days I pray for massive snow storms or violent tornadoes to hit my little town so I don’t have to go in there and deal with these people. Is that wrong? Should I not be praying for that? Oh! Maybe fire from heaven? Yeah! Fire from Heaven…that would do it. lol

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  5. nothing is more pathetic than slackers. i work in advertising. we are the kings and queens of leaving early — but only when you’re sure your team has everything they need from you (and/or they can reach you at the bar in case of those advertising emergencies). anyway, sounds like Pinata also pulled some total mommytime BS that makes all moms and women look bad. shame on her for giving all of us a bad name. can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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    • Thank you for your comment and the wonderful words that encourage me so! I really appreciate what you just said, but trust me when I tell you that Pinata isn’t making moms and women look bad…she makes herself look bad! LOL. She is NOT…repeat…NOT a reflection of the overall working mother in this world…just a reflection of poor upbringing.

      She uses her son as a reason to leave work more than anyone I have ever known and it’s been well documented in my little book of “things my sh!ttY coworkers do”. LOL

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  6. Say “to the universe” all weekend, People in my office will be held accountable for their poor behavior on Monday. Make it a mantra. Put it out there so Karma can locate the need and deliver the justice.

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      • Doesn’t the supervisor have a manager? A well documented, anymous, note detailing issues and lack of actions by said supervisor might stir the pot. Oh and ask for vacation for the note surfaces 😉

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        • Oh, yes she does…who is also friends with Pinata and Pippi.

          Pinata and Pippi have more control over this office than anyone would ever know. It’s a mess here.

          A really big mess of epic proportions.

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        • Too bad not in CA… Could find you some contact #s to resolve this. Time to write the owner of the company. Details and more details. If they try to get you in trouble, illegal to whistle blower laws

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    • LOL!!! I thought you’d enjoy this post today.

      We’ll see what happens on Monday, but I don’t have high hopes for this bunch. Nothing ever happens the way it should here. These people are a mess.

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  7. WOW! Perhaps you’ll be on a 6-person team come Monday. That’s kinda BS. I mean I slack off here and there and linger on wordpress like a pseudo-stalker, but when there is work to be done, it’s to be done. Unbelievable! PLEASE update us on Monday!

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  8. Keep in mind, if she’s only getting paid 77 cents on the dollar, she should leave early 77% of the time. But we know that’s probably not the case. Perhaps the Queen of Hearts will take appropriate action and ensure this is her last end of the day lunch break. I feel for you–I mean you manning an IT help desk…I only lasted 3 days in that gig–thankfully, I was only a fill in.

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