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I started this blog on December 5, 2014.  It’s my fifth blog that I’ve attempted in the past three years.  The first was a menagerie of topics that didn’t have a consistent flow and after two years never had more than 90 followers…so I deleted it.

The second was a blog about exercise that lasted for a year as I attempted to start running again…a topic that I will touch on sometime in the near future since the weather is becoming more cooperative and I plan on working off the extra ten or (ahem…) fifteen pounds I gained during the winter/holiday months.  However, that blog never received more than 25 followers…so I deleted it.

The third and fourth blogs were just random and pointless with no direction what-so-ever and because they didn’t have any depth or meaning…I deleted them as well.  

And that brings us back around to this blog about rantings and ravings of all things pathetic that has over 275 follows in just a little more than three months. 

That’s right… three months  –  275 follows!  

Why am I bragging and so excited about this?   


Because I’ve never had a blog with this many followers!  I feel like I’m finally doing something right!!! 

Pathetically speaking, I understand that it’s not about how many followers you get, but still…

275 in three months!   That’s frickin’ fantastic for me!!!  

Also, it just goes to show that persistence and the will to keep making people smile by telling stories about pathetic events actually pays off!  

And no matter how pathetic this might seem…Thanks for reading and following! 

Whether you agree or disagree with my writings, I appreciate you all.  It’s because of you that this blog exists.



26 thoughts on “Blogging Blogger

  1. I will celebrate the day I get 100 followers! It’s hard because I have a hysterectomy blog … and frankly, not everyone wants to read about hysterectomies … although I do have a sprinkling of cat stuff in there!

    BUT most importantly KUDOS to you for keeping up this blog. It was the title that hooked me, your not-too-long posts and the heartfelt nature of your posts as well. 🙂

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  2. A blog with no direction = [sigh]
    A blog about running = [groan]
    A blog that has a fun title, insults readers on the About page, and uses the word “pathetic” in every post = [applause]

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  3. I’ve promised myself that should my blog ever become really, really successful, that I wouldn’t compromise my values or the vision that pushed me to create it in the first place by trying to “monetize” it, whatever that means.

    That would sadden me intensely, and when intensely sad, I often find that my prevailing mood and outlook in general is hugely improved by a 25mg dose of Happi-tabz!

    Happi-tabz, for all those awkward, unplanned, embarrassingly public moments of uncontrollable sobbing. Consult you friendly neighbourhood pharmacist today!

    Remember that name – Happi-tabz!

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      • I don’t think you will. But there might be a point where you might consider it. Because too many others that have stopped – I guess it’s human nature to move on. But I hate it when people do that – it’s like losing the neighbour who holds the best parties who then moves out of town or the witty work colleague who then gets another job. So, like I said, just keep doing what you’re doing.

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  4. Well done! As you say, “persistence … pays off”. Your regular posting cycle is probably partly responsible – this is one area where I fail. Because of life and stuff…
    I noticed you mentioned in the comments here that you don’t use twits or faces. I do, as ‘promotional tools’, but am dubious about the real effectiveness of that (less than a fifth of my hits come from those sources – people don’t like clicking external links when they’re inside those bubbles). Conversations and engagements in the blogging world are usually far superior to the sterile and limited (boring and annoying) versions one gets on the faces or twits…
    Thanks for (I won’t say the ‘f’ word) clicking a button at my site, and I look forward to reading more from you.

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  5. Congrats! I can’t remember how many followers I have. I know it’s over 150. The only time I ever see the total is when someone new follows me and WP gives me the total. I get excited but as you say, it isn’t really about the numbers. Well done you!

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    • LOL. sure…like I want that to go viral! LOL!

      Also, I don’t do twitter or facebook. Too much drama on there for me. I’ll stick with blogging. Oh…wait….there’s too much drama on here too! crap! I’m screwed!

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