My blogger friend over at 50statecanuck has been ill this past week and in light of her being a penicillin shot short of healthy and a Ostrich egg short of avian flu, she decided to do some research for me and sent a link to an article that reveals what we already knew but were afraid to admit…

People all over this world live pathetic lives.  

That’s right…it’s not just in the good ‘ol USA that people live pathetic lives.  It’s in Canada too!

Here’s the article: 

Fake soldier Franck Gervais pleads guilty to some charges

If you don’t want to read the article, let me summarize…

There’s a man in Canada who decided to dress up in a military uniform and portrait himself as a decorated war veteran during a remembrance day ceremony.  (it’s similar to Veterans Day in the USA).

He was wearing a Canadian Armed Forces dress uniform and wore a Medal of Bravery, a Special Service Medal, a Canadian Peacekeeping Medal, a NATO medal for Kosovo and a Canadian Forces decoration for 12 years of service. 

At the ceremony he was approached by a reporter who asked for an interview.  Gervais was told that the interview would be broadcast live in a few minutes which gave him plenty of time to reject the interview altogether, but he went on with the ruse anyway and gave the interview … on national television for all the world to see.   

During the live national broadcast of his interview, many who had served in the Canadian Armed Forces were watching and took notice that what he was saying and wearing had some serious flaws, and they did some searching and found out that Gervais was indeed, a pathetic liar. 

Not only did Gervais give the interview, but after the ceremony and while dressed in his Canadian Armed Forces attire, he and his wife (yes, his wife was right by his side) went to the Canadian War Museum to hear author, Rod McLeod, promote a book called “Vigil”.  

Gervais, then chatted with McLeod and another reservist for 20 minutes about the make-believe struggles that Gervais dealt with while being in the Royal Canadian Regiment.  He also shared fake stories about being a paratrooper and how he “earned” his medal of bravery. 

Now that we’re all caught up, let me tell you that I believe there are levels of pathetic.  Those levels range from…pathetic level 1 which would be falling off a four-wheel bike or sneezing into a bowl of cake batter.  All the way to pathetic level 100 which would be faking your own death, stealing from the elderly or in this case…masquerading as a military service person or public safety worker. 

The men and women who have bravely fought for their country deserve our utmost respect and admiration.  This does not necessarily mean that everyone who has put on a uniform deserves the same treatment.  My brother-in-law will tell you that his brother put on the uniform and was a complete waste of time for the military and has the stories to back it up…HOWEVER…those who have spent time away from families…dodging bullets, mortars, grenades and artillery bombardments…they DO deserve the respect and admiration I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

Wearing the service uniform is a privilege given to those who have chosen to serve the  country they love and the freedoms they care to protect.  It’s an honor, one of which I have never had the opportunity to realize personally, but having a father who served in the Army and a grandfather who served in the Navy, I have heard the stories from their lips and witnessed their pride and humility while speaking of just how precious their time in the military had been and still is.  

Therefore, anyone who never served in the military and decides to impersonate military personnel by dressing up like it’s Halloween for their own pleasure, are Level 100 pathetic and in dire need of a serious beating at the hands of service men and women everywhere.

Personally, and in my own prideful, arrogant opinion, I think this guy should be sentenced to twenty four years of military service (double for the 12-year service medal he was wearing) with no chance of parole, promotions or pay raises and then dishonorably discharged.

Masquerading as or impersonating military personnel is seriously pathetic!

(On a side note…feel free to drop by 50statecanuck and offer your well-wishes for a speedy recovery.  I think she’d appreciate it…of course, she’s probably all better now so drop by her blog and just say ‘Hi’.)



17 thoughts on “Impersonation

  1. …OH MY GOODNESS. I’m…wow.

    I’m telling all my neighbors right now.

    Seriously, that’s just crazy. How people have the conscience to carry an act like that, because they’re bored?

    Dude, just write a blog entry about the annoying couple at Starbucks, or the chatty Pinata and all the candy that’s about to spill if it doesn’t shut up.

    Really, there aren’t other ways to address the drag of sheer boredom?

    I’m scared for everyone. Not just the young.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great thoughts there! Why exactly do people lie so pathetically? What would he have gained really? To think that his wife was part of the pathetic adventure is just pathetic!
    Thanks for sharing!

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