An Open Curse To an Unforgiving Ex


I hope your new spouse gets a horrible, incurable disease and you get to watch him die a slow, painful excruciating death. 

It’s the least you deserve for being the person who wants to control every aspect of her life with an unforgiving heart.

By the way, you look pathetic in that wedding dress.

(Am I bitter and jealous?   Why, yes  …  yes I am!  Thank you for asking.) 



57 thoughts on “An Open Curse To an Unforgiving Ex

  1. We all need to be able to vent…. And if that’s made you feel good, even better! At least it’s not to her face, so she’s not hurt, and you’ve got it out of your system! This is like when I had issues with someone on my family, when I was younger, and I was told to write a letter, let it all out, but never post it. It did help… You just did the same, but a tad more publicly!! 😊

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  2. My first wife was a nasty piece of work. I’ll give you an example of how evil a waste of protoplasm she was – when she re-married, she lost a child to SIDS, but instead of grieving for her lost baby, she saw it as an opportunity to rape the system for compensation – cash from the hospital, a new home from the local authority…

    Knowing she thrived on confrontation, aggravation, and hatred, I responded by being pleasant, kind, and helpful. This infuriated her, as I hoped it would.

    My ultimate victory was becoming the exact opposite of that which I’d been when married to her – happy and healthy.

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    • Good for you. Taking the high road is a much better decision than revenge and more hostility. There’s something to be said for being kind to those who persecute you…If not mistaken, I believe the good book says it’s like heaping burning coals upon their heads.

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      • When she figured out that she wasn’t going to get a reaction from me, she decided to play even dirtier.

        She tried to get to me by harassing my old mum, who unfortunately lived just a few doors away from her.

        This was a very serious tactical error on her part.

        Let’s just say that a warning was delivered by various assorted family members that scared her straight… 🙂

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  3. So, I’m going to begin with the standard I’m twenty-four, I’ve never had kids, never got married, and thus shouldn’t be speaking of these matters, but you stated, however bluntly, a sentiment most people don’t want to admit to have felt, if they’ve felt it. It takes time to deal with that kind of stuff.

    In my case, it’s an odd sense of detachment I didn’t have before after my first breakup. The second guy didn’t want to be with me because he said I “worked too much and should concentrate on family-building activities.” Which was kind of weird to me, so I left without much to say or feel about it. The first relationship provided one hell of a filter, although there are…issues.

    Your little E-Card about people thinking you’re funny when really you’re just mean to people… I tend to be like that. As for the ex and happenings in their life… not having a personal Facebook does wonders. During the relationship with the first guy (I don’t exactly know what his deal was. I do think he was a sociopath, but I’m sure lots of people do), I saw how indifferent and mean someone could be. I also saw how respected that person could be if he learned to “hide” his meanness (and he was indeed bitter about past things in his life) and do his job well. I know that’s not right, but for a while I kind of modeled my behavior after his, well after the breakup. It didn’t do well for me. I sure was more bitter than I thought I was capable of feeling. When you say your ex was unforgiving, I kinda see myself in that.

    As for her husband, I could only feel scared for him. But at the same time, I couldn’t see myself checking up on what they do, because the thought of someone putting up with all that makes me want to flip a coffee table. Rage can be, well, pathetic.

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    • Oh wow…you touched on everything so eloquently. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have to agree that age does have a little something to do how we react to things and how much we hold on to thoughts and feelings from previous relationships. I’m over 35 so I’ve had my fair share of break ups and as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed how each one has a been a little more difficult to get over. That’s one of the reasons I don’t have a facebook account. I know that if I did, I’d try to stalk some of the women I’ve dated and I’d more than likely hate knowing that they were in a bad relationship and want to rescue them or be jealous of them being happy and want to ruin their happiness.
      There is so much I would like to share about this situation and some of the other things you mentioned but it’s getting late and I need my rest. (remember, I’m over 35.) lol 😉

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  4. K, now you vented. You got your feelings off your chest and into our minds. You’ve accomplished your goal. Now, time to forgive, let go, and move on. That is the only way you will heal YOUR heart. 🙂 Love, Amy

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  5. You’ll be OK … give it time. HEARTBREAK is f*cking hard. One of the things I learned too late … or maybe just really late … is to actually appreciate and like people who honestly like me and quit chasing those who feel milk-toast about me, tolerate me, like me so-so and finally embrace people who actually think I’m awesome. I spent too much time dealing with all the love I had for the other person not acknowledging the feelings weren’t reciprocal. Wish I would have waken up to this concept much sooner … would have saved a lot of time, not to mention unneeded heartache.

    All my best to you and screw this f*cking biatch who couldn’t realize the awesome person you are … even if you have been rejected by that pathetic headhunter!

    Life’s too short to let anyone dull your sparkle.

    Life’s too short to chase idiots who don’t give a sh*t.

    Keep your head up and stop driving your boat by looking at the wake!

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  6. Here’s to being bitter! I think we all have those times where we need to vent and be bitter and angry for a while. I can totally understand that. I know for me, I have to move past my negative feelings because otherwise it’ll just make my thought process worse.

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    • Yes…thank you for what you said. Moving past the negative feelings is difficult in some cases, but this shouldn’t be one of them. She’s out of my life…some other schmuck gets to deal with her narcissism…and I’m free from ever having to wonder if she’ll ever want me back, but for some reason the news didn’t sit well tonight.

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      • I know what you mean. Even when the person is out of our lives and we don’t want anything to do with the person, we can still feel angry towards the person. I’ve definitely felt that with my ex.

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  7. When I got my ex’s wedding invitation I kept having fantasies about showing up to the wedding drunk and throwing up on everything. Thankfully for everyone involved I did not attend! Lol –we are so bad!

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  8. Isn’t it great to have a blog where you can vent? And everyone loves you anyway? I know I find venting on my blog very helpful at times.

    PS: She’ll probably be divorced within a year, and then you can write a can’t-stop-myself-from-being-happy-about-it post.

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  9. I could only hope for your own well being that you’re just venting. I forgave my ex for everything real or imagined that happened between us during our 12-year marriage and I told her so. She said she hated me. A few years ago she died unexpectedly, and though I did not feel hurt for her passing, I didn’t feel guilty from bitterness. Sometimes, you’ve got to dig deep but in the end, forgiveness, regardless of whether it is reciprocated, is worth it.

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    • very thought-provoking and meaningful words. Thank you.
      There’s is obviously more to this story, and I still love this woman…more than she will ever know, but the child in me just had to release the bitterness and frustration I’m feeling. It’s just a knee-jerk reaction and my true feelings are that I want to see her happy, but the jealousy of seeing her with another man just… well, you read my post. lol.

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    • Yeah…I’m in a bit of a mood this evening because I found out an old girlfriend got married recently. The bitterness isn’t about her getting married, as much as it is that she can’t forgive those who wrong her. She expected everyone to view her life and actions through rose colored glasses but she never did the same with others. She was a very unforgiving person and I don’t know how she ever found a man to marry her…the guy must be a real pushover.

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