Pathetic Pharmaceuticals


I would have a really difficult time being a pharmaceutical sales rep because I’m not a conformist, and I can’t sell something I don’t believe in.

My personal belief is that the pharmaceutical companies are using the unsuspecting in the herd as test subjects and putting drugs into their lives just like the jelly bean industry does during Easter.  (Damn you Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans!!!)

Personally, and not to start any vicious rumors, I think the pharmaceutical companies and the united states justice system are in cahoots with one another.  If you think about it, and I mean really, really think about it; you’ll see just how their plans have been put into place.

First, the pharmaceutical companies lobby congress to get them to pass a bill that gives them the freedom to use any cattle who aren’t feeling well to take a drug they don’t need.

Then, the pharmaceutical companies use advertising on television and radio to make the cattle believe they need these new drugs that they really don’t need, and since many in the herd have no self-restraint, self-respect, self-confidence or brains; a lot of them end up asking their doctors for the drugs because they have been duped into thinking they need the drug to relieve symptoms that are all in their head.

Cattle, being pretty stupid and not knowing any better than to follow the rest of the herd into a bad patch of pasture, believe the drugs are needed and start taking them because…after all…your doctor wouldn’t give you a drug you don’t need, let alone a drug that would do weird things to your body and make your life worse, right?

A while after taking the drug the male cattle develop man-boobs, the heifers in the herd start growing facial hair and both genders end up with cancer, bleeding disorders, extra limbs, hair loss, strange midnight cravings for haggis and rocky mountain oysters, a desire to dress like a pirate on Wednesdays and many other side effects that were or were not listed in the advertisements.

Enter: the justice system.

Lawyers get a call from one of the lowly, pathetic cattle in the herd describing all the side effects they have suffered since taking the drug that was prescribed to them by their doctor.  The law firm places ads on television and radio seeking anyone else who may have taken the same drug and suffered side effects.

However, the pharmaceutical companies have already made trillions off the sale of the drug and now have all the clinical test results they desired from those “test subjects” in the herd who thought they needed the drug because they were good, loyal followers and listened to the advertisements that told them they needed the drug in the first place.

A class action suit is filed for a few million dollars and the pharmaceutical companies settle out of court with all those cattle for a smaller sum than they intended to receive, leaving the pharmaceutical companies rolling in trillions of dollars in profit to be used again for lobbying congress to pass more legislation to allow the unsuspecting in the herd to be used as test subjects for another drug.

Funny thing those lawsuits.  They never seem to be enough to put the pharmaceutical companies out of business or hurt them enough to make them stop doing what they do to the unsuspectingcorrectionmorons …in the herd.  

It’s all a pathetic cycle that continues because it makes a lot of someones very, very wealthy.  None of which seem to be you or I.  

However, if a restaurant serves food that’s tainted and makes a lot of people sick, the health department gets called in.  If they find violations at the restaurant, they shut the place down until it gets a clean bill of health.  The restaurant owner loses money and can’t make money until they meet the standards of the health inspector. 

So why doesn’t the government shut these pharmaceutical companies down for a time to punish them for making people sick from a drug they don’t need?  

Uh …   HELLLO!!!! 

I just told you!   Didn’t you pay attention while reading this post? 


It’s because the justice system and the pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots…Just go back and read the post from the beginning.  (pathetic) 

Being used by pharmaceutical companies as test subjects for a new drug is pathetic. 


8 thoughts on “Pathetic Pharmaceuticals

  1. My English husband thinks the pharmaceutical adverts are ridiculous. I explained to him that the companies have discovered they sell more product if they advertise (as the patient will request the drug more often), but he doesn’t like it! I can’t say I blame him. It’s all due to $$$$.

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  2. You aren’t the only one who feels this way. Unfortunately, as you said it does provide a lot of employment for the legal profession, hospital works who have to take care of you after your near death experience with the pharmaceuticals. Sadly, it’s all big business.

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  3. We had some sleety, snowy, icy weather here on Monday and we all behaved like the pansies we are in Texas during winter weather and stayed home. Pathetic. On top of that my internet went out and I was left with watching commercial TV. Truly pathetic. Ridiculously terrible Syfy movies to be exact. Utterly pathetic. But the most pathetic of all? The barrage of commercials for “medicine” (poison more like, and why anyone would ask their doctors for any of it after listening to the side effects they DO list is beyond me) and for lawyers seeking people injured by “medicine”. EVERY commercial break. This post is about as spot on as you could get!

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