Here’s An Idea


Hey California!

The states to the west EAST of you have a lot of snow they want to get rid of, if you can afford to send trains, trucks or planes; I’m sure the citizens of those states would humbly and graciously fill them up with a lot of snow that you can melt in your rivers and lakes after transporting it across the country. 

I know it’s not a cure to all the drought you’ve been suffering, but it’s a small way for them to get rid of their winter problem and help you with your drought problem. 

It’s pathetic, but just a thought I would mention.


Droughts are pathetic. 



6 thoughts on “Here’s An Idea

  1. I think California is as far west as you can get. It’s the states to the east of them that have all that snow. And you know something I think that is a brilliant idea!

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