The Interview


I had a job interview today.

It went well, but I hate job interviews.

Why can’t we just pick a career we want, at a company we want to work for, show up on Monday morning and have the people who work there acknowledge that we are now a part of their environment?

That would cut out all the stress of preparing for a job interview, going to the job interview or even caring about the job interview.

I hate job interviews because job interviews are pathetic.



19 thoughts on “The Interview

    • reluctantly, yes…it would. This would be with a new organization in a whole new building with all new people. I don’t know if they would be better than what I deal with now, but I’m interested in finding out…btw, I’m working on my pippy post. It’s taking me a lot longer than I had planned…so much to say and not enough space to type it all. 😉


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