**WARNING/DISCLAIMER**  — This post DOES NOT ..(repeat)…NOT…contain nudity…It does, however, contain a link to a video that has nudity and adult themes.  Please understand that if you click on the link you are doing so by your own decision and lack of will power. 


You’ve been warned. 


Alright, so there’s this game show on television where a guy or girl thinks they are set up to find “true love”.  However, the truth behind the show is for the main player to share oral herpes they contract from another contestant with the other unwitting contestants who think that they are actually on the show to find “true love” as well. 

I think it’s all very scientific, and quite disgusting to watch.

Today, as I searched the internet for all things pathetic, I found a lot of weird posts about the game show and the most recent contestant who was eliminated … er … rejected from continuing the process of passing on oral herpes to the remaining few. 

I guess she built up an immunity that the others don’t possess…or maybe she wasn’t trying hard enough…either way, she was the biggest loser, so she had to go, and now her professional career of being eye candy on Entertainment Tonight or TMZ can begin in all its worthless, pathetic shame.     

Anyway…our most recent game show failure revealed something that only a select few in the world of disgusting pathetic porn ever knew…she posed for playboy.  And not only did she do it, she told the source for all things herpes and proceeded to show him her video(yes…I found the video on the internet…If you click on it, that’s your own stupidity.)

That either takes a lot of stupidity or it takes a lot of pride on her part  …  I’m going with the prior.

So…why any woman would want to pose nude for anything is beyond me.  I will never understand the mind of a woman; and I really don’t want too, but if any woman thinks that she’s immune to what men think or want…she’s kidding herself. 

internet2A large number of women are always eager to attract men and will give them what they want based on what they see/read on the internet.  Because we all know that what we see/read on the internet is what EVERYONE else does and wants.

Okay, truth be told…not ALL women will do this, there are a select few who have some wits and brains about them and know that a real man desires a woman with modesty, self restraint, self respect and true old fashioned morals.  Sadly, many of the women we have in our society today think they have those things but don’t.  

As a man, it’s all very pathetic when meeting someone who claims to be one thing but ends up being someone else.  I’m sure women would agree with that as well, and this appears to have happened with the weakest link who was returned to the public mass of singles.  It’s no wonder that the girl was eliminated by patient zero after watching the first two and a half minutes of the video.

I don’t encourage you to watch the whole video…but if you watch the first two and a half minutes (no nudity…just a couple weird stories that the woman tells) and I think you’ll understand what I’m saying about being someone you’re not portraying.   

Take note people….it’s pathetic to try and act like someone you’re not…that goes for both genders!  




16 thoughts on “Rejected!

  1. Umm. Do you really believe what you said in this statement in the comments? “I also think that the reason why so many women become lesbians is because the hear a guy say “he likes watching two girls go at it” and they think that will attract the guy.” ??? Because you know that being gay is not a choice, right? Women will do lots of stupid things to try to get or keep a guy (mostly because they don’t know any better or have really low self-esteem themselves) but becoming lesbians? That statement is the definition of pathetic! That said, I agree that too many people of both sexes are not true to themselves in an attempt to get love, not realizing that love only truly happens when you love/are true to yourself.

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    • yes…I do stand behind my statement.

      I find it pathetic that humans will do anything they can to distort and malign the truth. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Really good points you’ve made. Tragically, this is probably not true, most women do not “know that a real man desires a woman with modesty, self restraint, self respect and true old fashioned morals.” Our culture, our values, relentless advertising, have all led women to believe something entirely different.

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    • I know, right?! This society we live in is really messed up in how we treat women. I also think that the reason why so many women become lesbians is because the hear a guy say “he likes watching two girls go at it” and they think that will attract the guy. it’s really pathetic and seriously messed up how the world has corrupted the minds of people. I would hate to be a woman in today’s world.

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      • “…and they think that will attract the guy…”

        Kind of funny and a bit wry, but so many girls don’t realize that all they have to do to attract a guy is pretty much….nothing! All this other garbage just comes from advertising, Hollywood, the culture.

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        • It’s so true! LOL… I was reading the old testament the other night and thought about how the women must have looked so natural back then and men just accepted them for their natural beauty that was being a woman. Today, it’s all about the superficial and Hollywood, advertising and the culture are more to blame than mere men.

          If women would just realize that men are scared to death of them and all they need to do is wink, smile or just say hello…they would never be alone. men just want women because they have the thing we desire… The ability to have our children. 😉

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  3. I fear that when I was but a wee* lass I fell prey to a man who was so “enamored” with me he wanted to take photos of me in the buff. Thank god I never wanted to run for office, I imagine they would have surfaced quite readily. As I’m quite average, they’re likely lost in obscurity (she says, crossing her fingers).

    *Okay, I never was wee. So sue me.

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