Open Letter To New England Residents

 snow depth_4

So I hear you people in the “pansy states” got a little bit of snow in the past 24 hours. 

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but I’d like to share something with you…


snow depth_224 inches in 24 hours?   That’s nothing compared to the 36 inches in 20 hours that people in Buffalo, NY have to deal with almost every winter.  And it doesn’t happen just once…it happens multiple times over the course of four months, but no one labels their storms “historic”.   

Or how about the 30 inches of snow that fall in 24 hours in the higher elevations of the rocky mountains … MULTIPLE TIMES A MONTH!?!? 

Shouldn’t those storms be labeled “historic” too?

Or the winter storms that blow through the northern states on a daily basis that leave near record amounts of snowfall in places like Fargo, ND; Bismark, ND; International Falls, MN and Green Bay, WI or even Alaska’s multiple snowstorms that dump record amounts of snow in that state every other week!

Snow DepthWow…it’s weird how when you go further north, the snowfall amounts seem to increase, but no one ever puts the “historic” label on those storms.   I wonder why that is…

And let’s not forget about the media coverage. 

Almost every media station is attempting to beat into their viewers how AMAZING the images are that people from the affected area posted on social media.  

Welllll….ha, ha, ha…I have some “news” for those cattle who consider themselves to be part of the media…

snow depth_1Since the inception of social media, people have been posting pictures of storms just like this one!  …  yeah…they have! …  If you don’t believe me, just do a google search for past snow storms and there’s a ton of pictures that pop up. 


Also, snow storms are supposed to happen during the winter months.  Sometimes they happen more than once a year, but just like all the other snow storms that happened in the past, the snow will eventually melt. 

I know that’s hard for your pathetic little pea-brains to grasp, but please try! 

Some of us are getting sick and tired of how much emphasis you’re putting on something that happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!   

By the way…I also find it pathetic how you wimpy attention whores in the “news” try to stress how big a deal it is that a few million people have to take a couple days off from work and school because of a few inches of the white stuff. 


It’s not a big deal because most of those people will be able to work from home anyway and honestly, how many of them will really be missed if they don’t make it to work?  It’s not like they actually work a full eight hour day when it doesn’t snow!!

In closing, the amount of snow you received wasn’t all that special…so quit your bitchin’, take your snow day and post your stupid pictures up on social media for the whole world to see how much fun you’re having after 24+ inches of snow falls on your pansy-ass state.

People who want to make a bigger deal out of a snow storm than they should, are pathetic!


15 thoughts on “Open Letter To New England Residents

  1. 36″ in Buffalo, NY? How about 8 feet! I live in Buffalo, NY. Fortunately, I’m in a northern suburb that only got about 2 feet during our Snowvember Storm, and I wasn’t stuck on the Thruway for 2 days like some people were.

    But I think what made the recent storm along the East Coast so bad was the high winds. 2-3 feet of snow being picked up and blown around makes for very bad weather indeed. I wouldn’t care to deal with it if I didn’t have to.

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  2. Well, I live in England and when we get snow, the WHOLE country comes to a complete standstill! What do you think about that?! People leaving cars abandoned on the motorways, pubic transport not able to tun properly. We Are NEVER prepared. The gritters run out out salt after about a day. We are PATHETIC!

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  3. When I lived in Nevada there were attorneys in our office who kept their July 4 lift passes as mementos. It wasn’t usual for THAT much snow in Lake Tahoe during July so the lift passes were good keepsakes.

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  4. LOL! That was really funny! As much as I hate snow and empathize with people, this thing called Winter and January have been going on for a long time. This not a new thing, like an alien invasion or something. This is actually a predictable and routine event, and yes some people deal with it in it’s even more extreme forms.

    You know you’re getting annoyed when you’re glued to your TV snowmegeddon coverage, only because you’re holding out hope that one of those silly reporters will get swept off in a storm surge or smothered in an avalanche and be cut off from the drama mid sentence 😉

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    • LOL! Yes! Exactly! I’m always waiting for one of the snow plows to come by and cover the reporters with an avalanche of snow. sadly, it never happens…but the day will come and I’ll be watching!

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    • I know what you’re talking about. I had a relative once text me from the slopes of Colorado on July 4th. I think it’s amazing how many people scream out “global warming” but they never give a reason as to why the higher elevations can still get snow during the summer months.

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