Magic Mike – part 2 – The Meeting of the Pathetic Minds


My previous post was about my morning and how Magic Mike wanted to delegate his work by approaching me after I had just returned from taking a sick day, me telling him off and he complaining to my immediate supervisor; which led to a meeting scheduled this afternoon of all parties.

Now when I say “all parties” (heh, heh) I mean…ALL parties.

not me. just a random guy with a sly smile.

You see, Magic Mike doesn’t think I’m very smart.  He also doesn’t know that I am well aware of his antics and behavior; and that when I started this job a couple years ago, I also started taking note of who he would delegate his work to and how often.  Because even though we don’t all carry our own weight, pajama tops, the velveteen yard ornament and pinata to name a few, we still communicate with each other.  

I’ve known about Magic Mike’s delegation tactics for some time, and I’ve been keeping a journal of his deliberate actions for the past few months.  I have all the work history, the conversations we’ve had, the dates and times and roughly how much time each job took for me to complete.  

If nothing else, I’m thorough.     

So, after I received the meeting invite from my supervisor this morning I did a little something that neither he, nor my supervisor expected.  I sent my own invite to all of my coworkers, Magic Mike’s supervisor, the next supervisor above him (who happens to be my boss’s supervisor) and my HR rep. 

again…not me. just random guy with sly smile.

Not everyone was able to attend in such short notice, but let’s just say…Magic Mike lost a little magic today. 

When I informed my team about the reason for the meeting, they were as angry as I was and every one of them agreed to join the meeting.  The only one who wouldn’t be in attendance was the upper management guy. 

When we walked in, my supervisor and Magic Mike weren’t happy, but I didn’t care.  We had a long 45 minute conversation where I did the majority of the talking, mainly because I had my trusty journal.  

Each coworker explained their experiences with having Magic Mike delegate his work to them over the years, and well…

This was an eye opener for many in the room, including Magic Mike’s boss, who didn’t know about any of this, but assured me and our team that anything we send their way would not be sent back to us. 

After the meeting was over I had a little talk with my HR rep who informed me that Magic Mike is under investigation… shhh!  I’m not supposed to share that ...beacuse his drinking has been an issue for some time and people around the company have been complaining about his lack of…how shall we say…work ethic.  

Soooo…the short end of it is this….

I didn’t get fired, Magic Mike is under investigation for being drunk at work and not doing his job and I get to live another day to blog about my coworkers. 

blank stare
again, not me. Tobey Maguire.

Yeah….that makes me happy! 

Today was extremely pathetic.


31 thoughts on “Magic Mike – part 2 – The Meeting of the Pathetic Minds

  1. This sounds similar to a meeting (actually a couple of meetings) I had with my supervisor “Twit” and HR. It was kind of a sad turn of events as Twit was the one who had hired me into what I thought would be a job with my “dream company” i.e. one that I’d admired and aspired to join for quite a while, based on doing business with them in the distant past and having a good friend who worked for them in a different location. This company had been employee-owned for many years. Didn’t find out till about a year and half in that when they went public, the corporate culture had changed quite a bit i.e. they were now REALLY corporate so that the personnel flotsam rose to the top.

    Twit didn’t become Twit immediately, either. His morph from Jekyll to Hyde may have been related to company split which left everyone fearful for their job security. Long story short, as expected, HR didn’t do much other than document MY “failings” for what I was sure would become my “Pearl Harbor file.” I’d already provided documentation of Twit’s failures as a manger from my perspective (with 25 years of work experience as opposed to his 12), wh)ich I’m sure went nowhere.

    All worked out well in the end, though, since this finally drove me to a happy and early retirement. BTW, Twit’s supervisor was “Princess Fairy Dust” so you can imagine how she just expected to sprinkle this and any other problems to make them magically disappear. I disappeared, all right. First, under the bus (where she had thrown me) and then out the door!

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    • I had a good laugh at your nicknames. very well done.

      I’m sorry for the turmoil you experienced, but as I’ve been learning from those who follow my blog, many of us share the same experiences and with them, we establish connection with our stories.

      Thank you for sharing your story and for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. 🙂

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  2. You are the guy guy’s like Magic Mike fear – or would if they were aware enough to know you exist. Good job. 🙂
    P.S. I’ll admit to being a little disappointed when I clicked on the title “Magic Mike” and didn’t see, well, Magic Mike, but this was very entertaining. So I forgive you. 😉

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  3. It’s never fun. And the truth is, everyone is waiting for the top person to do the right thing. Losing a poor performer is, as you point out, much better than losing the employees pulling their weight (and his, too, it sounds like!). Addiction in the workplace is a tough issue. You handled yourself and the meeting really well. Kudos for having a Dad who taught you to keep records! And yes, it’s always a bittersweet victory. On another note, I don’t want to embarrass you, but you did follow my blog today and I’m grateful!
    Happy new year!

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    • Thanks Jane. Yeah, it’s bittersweet. I was kind of hoping that I would get fired because I’m really tired of this place…but all ended well…so far. And yes, Magic dug his own grave. Nothing I can do about that. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. 🙂

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    • very true.
      My sister has been a waitress for years…I think I’ll mention this to her because she has some great stories to share about her customers. Thanks for reading and the comment! 🙂


    • I’m hoping it will…
      I’m sure it will. They have a record of his lack of effort and his behavior towards others in the office. Shouldn’t be long and he’ll probably be starting the new year looking for a job. That doesn’t make me happy…I hate seeing people lose their jobs. part of me wishes they would help him and not fire him…and the other part says “good riddance”. (shrugs) 🙂

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      • Yeah, I know what you are saying. Maybe they will give him a warning “like a shape up or else” speak and he will get his act together. Who knows? At least you didn’t lose your job over it. 🙂

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        • yes…not losing my job was a concern and a relief that I didn’t. Now my concern is that if the year starts this way, what else is it going to bring? 🙂

          Here’s to hoping 2015 isn’t a crappy year! hahahahaha! 🙂

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    • In a way…yes, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I don’t trust any of my coworkers to have my back like they did today.

      The most satisfying part was the HR rep telling me he was under investigation, However…I never wanted him to get fired…that actually makes me a little numb because I think I just handed them enough information to proceed.


    • You don’t know the half of it. This place is really pathetic and would make your bitterness level reach epic proportions.

      The note taking is something I learned a while back from my dad. Never had to use it until I started at this place. I have notes on just about everyone I work with because I don’t trust these people to have my back in most situations. At least, not like they did today. This was rare…but I appreciated it.


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