That’s the temperature right now where I live.


I know there’s a reason for cold weather.  I don’t know what that reason is, but there is a reason.

If someone knows the reason, can you please tell me? 

Because ONE just seems like a wasted effort by nature.


That really is a lonely number.


A number that makes me think of many things…like

one sandy beach containing one pathetic person, namely me, holding one smooth drink while sitting next to one beautiful woman, basking under one warm sun while one ocean wave after another laps upon the one sandy beach only to start the one process all over again.  


Winter is Pathetic.




15 thoughts on “One

    • Yes..I heard it was cold down there. I have family in the Fort Worth area and they all complained we sent it your way. 🙂 It’s always our fault when you get cold and it’s your fault when we get the scorching heat. LOL.

      thanks for the comment! Hope you have a great day!

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    • I agree completely on both accounts. Most days I can’t stand being around more than one person…increases my anxiety level to the point where I want to put my hands on people in a negative way. And we were actually blessed that the temps reached double digits today. – sigh – I really need to move south … or west … or east … who am I kidding..I just need to move.


  1. I’m sensing a (pathetic) theme here. You have my deepest sympathy for the one degree weather. I was certainly glad to see it was in the 40s here today, though I shivered at the train station just the same. I really need to get some long janes.

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