The Comment Troll (goats)


There is nothing that irritates me more than a comment troll.  They irritate me so much that I will not call them cattle, nor will I refer to them as part of the herd.  Instead, they are goats. 

Annoying, frustrating, bleating goats.

You know the type.

The goats who infiltrate the herd who never leave a comment on a blog post regarding the actual post, yet because they don’t like what was commented by another blogger; they are quick to comment on the other bloggers comment, trying to create unnecessary drama.

These are the childish goats that sit in the darkened basements of their mother’s home and troll around WordPress and other blog sites looking to cause trouble.  Only because they are deviant goats who eat weeds and would keel over if they knew that what they were eating was actually good for them.

They are insecure little strays that can’t seem to mind their own business and are searching for validation from others who, mind you, could care less about their existence.  However, what they seek cannot be found by creating drama and forcing their unwanted opinions on the rest of the herd.

These comment trolls are quick to attack and be judgmental of another blogger’s comments.  They don’t approve of others having a thought, belief or suggestion of their own.

They aren’t afraid to call a person names, use fowl language or berate a fellow blogger; only because they assume that all bloggers are as small in stature as they are.

Silly fools…if they only knew…

In the past I have been victim to the diabolical ramblings of these immature goats, but no more!

I will not be subject to their stupidity and meaningless diatribes of name calling and insults.  Nor will I again allow them their bleating pleasures of indecency and disrespect by taunting me into a keyboard courage commenting exchange of feeble minded stupidity.  And neither should you.

If you happen to run across one of these unwanted, motherless goats; the best thing you can do is ignore them.

Sadly, you can’t delete their comments since they are commenting on your comments from another person’s blog, but you do have the power to ignore them.

If that doesn’t work…since cattle outweigh a goat by a couple hundred pounds, we can just kick them into the next pasture.

Comment trolls (goats) are pathetic



29 thoughts on “The Comment Troll (goats)

  1. I am still confused about this whole Troll thing. In the RPG Dungeons and Dragons the secret to killing Trolls is to set them on fire. It prevents them from regenerating hit points. But somehow when I use matches around my keyboard I always end up back at Fry’s Electronics trying to get my computer fixed. How do you take down a Troll?

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    • yeah, there’s really no way to fend off these online comment trolls. They just appear out of nowhere and since you can’t defeat them like a normal video game troll, all you can do is ignore them because they are mainly harmless…unless you allow their words to get under your skin.

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  2. The worst comment trolls are the paid agents who use hasbara tactics to harass and discredit people who want justce for Palestine, they even have software that tells them what canned comments to say.

    Paid hasbara agent comment trolls are pathetic.


  3. Yup, trolls are the worst. Some trolls found my blog once. I’m so glad for the existence of the “block” button. It was hilarious to read their silly, crazy comments that sat in my spam box though. 🙂

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    • yes! these are the people I’m talking about!! They have weird comments that are just random and in some cases very mean spirited.

      They can be funny, but mostly they are just pathetic and annoying. Thank goodness for Spam filters!!

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      • Very mean spirited! The trolls who came to my blog wrote very awful and demented things, and they’d post comments almost every day. Luckily they went to my spam box automatically and after reading their insane comments I clicked “delete” and moved on. 🙂

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